Mar 16, 2007
what exactly is setting the sag and what does it do for you. How does setting the sag benefit the rider? I know(think) its something about how much the suspension compresses under the weight of the bike, but I am just wondering how "playing" with that will benefit the rider.


Nov 27, 2006
to find your sag do this. set the bike up on the stand so the wheel isnt touching the ground. measure from the rear axle straight up to the fender. lets say its 200cm. then set the bike on the ground. whoever rides the bike should sit on it with all his gear on. (you will need some help). then measure from the same two spots. lets say its 100cm. take the number with the rider on and subtract the other number from it. so take 200 - 100. this will be your sag. in this case 100cm.

correct sag should be between 90 and 110 cm. having the correct sag will help a lot. too stiff or too soft will affect everything from jumping to braking bumps.

there is also free sag. that is when the rear wheel is off the ground to when the bike is on the ground with no one on it. i cant tell you what that measurement should be off the top of my head.
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