CR Swade

Jan 18, 2001
I've seen the posts regarding other sprockets, but am looking for something stronger than aluminum and looks good.

My first inclination was the Sidewinder Stainless Steel, but am now seeing Krause ads claiming the stainless ones bend-they are REALLY pushing the Ti ones. Has anybody tried them, or the steel ones? What results have you found? Thanks!


Jul 21, 1999
There has to be some story behind the Sidewinder SS sprockets not being made anymore. They were so hyped by them and then, all of a sudden, Moose is carrying SS sprockets and Sidewinder is not. And Sidewinder is slamming the SS sprockets now. Yet they're pushing an SS chain. Ti, I would think, would bend at least as easily as SS so I have a hard time buying Sidewinders new hype. Something going on there.

Anyway, the reviews I read said that SS didn't last much, if at all, longer than a good quality steel sprocket like Sunstar or Sprocket Specialist. You can buy probably 4 or 5 steel ones for the price of a SS, too. Any good quality steel ones will outlast aluminum, in my experience. Aluminum vs steel has always been a trade off of weight vs durability.

Sidewinder/Krause also has a rep on the net for very poor post-sales customer service. Buyer beware.


Jun 30, 2001
I don't like slamming another company, but I didn't have a very good experience with Sidewinder. I also think they are very over priced. I have always had good luck with Sprocket Specialists and they have a nice variety to choose from.

Wild Hare

Aug 9, 2001
So, I'm supposed to trust a company that said stainless steel was the best thing ever...then the next day says they are crap!:think

Sounds like a bunch of "sales stuff" to me..... :confused:

I don't think you could wear out a set of plain old SunStar steel sprockets and they're cheap! But it's your money... ;)


Mod Ban
Dec 10, 2000
I could be wrong, but I thought Titanium had rather poor abrasion resistance. Not a desirable quality for a moving part in a dirt-filled environment. For the money, Sunstar ( or any of numerous other brands ) steel sprockets are hard to beat. They will outlast four or five aluminum sprockets, and if you have a high-quality, long-lasting chain as well, you are set for a long time. It doesn't make good sense to me to put a super-expensive long-lasting o-ring chain on aluminum sprockets, because when the sprockets are shot, the chain will still have life left, but they should alway be replaced as a set.


Aug 25, 2000
Do a search. There was an excellent post a whole back on this subject, with input from several metalurgical engineer types on the virtues and hype of various metals used in sprockets. As I remember, the conscensious was that case hardened steel was the strongest, with hard anodized aluminum bringing up second (considering weight and strength).


Oct 9, 2000
I love sidewindr stuff. I think the Ti sprockets are way overpriced though. If life is an issue and not weight, get the sidewinder case hardened tool steel sprockets with a stainless chain. That setup will last a LONG time. Just use their lube, it is good stuff.
I have their aircraft aluminuim rear sprocket and the stainless chain. I got it in may and ride two times a week. As of the last ride, I have only had to adjust the chain a little once and the sprockets look new(except the crappy anodizing wore off:().


May 6, 2001
I have the Ti moly sprocket and stainless o-ring chain. I have run Sidewinder billet sprockets for years. I'm running the Ti on a YZ250F. I ride once a week, have had the sprocket and chain for 9 months and I've adjusted it twice. The sprocket currently shows no sign of wear. I'd say it's holding up pretty well. As for service, Sidewinder has always been good to me. I've been a customer since 1985 with a few years off between here and there and they always ship the product withing 24 hrs. I recommend them.


Sep 1, 1999
Sidewinder is nothing more than a snakeoil company! Overpriced junk and skeeming sales people is thier reputation for a reason.


Jul 11, 2001
I have spoken with Sidewinder sales reps, and have almost been persuaded to try their stainless 0-ring chain. But I wonder, will it really last much longer than a Regina or a DID, both of which have proven very durable for me? It costs half again as much; will it last 50 percent longer?


Nov 18, 2000
tried the ti and SS chain ,got to say was the worst waste of money i did in a while,i do mostly mud and sandy areas,got lest than 300 miles on the set up and totally destroyed everything,first the front sprocket lost a few teeth ,then threw a few rollers on the chain ,then tore off all the teeth on the rear,got back with sidewinder ,sent back the whole setup(which cost me more money)after they inspected it they said the best they could do was replace the front for free and give me a discount on the chain and rear,told they i didn't want another ti rear instead i wanted the harden steel.i was already out of over 300 bucks and still didn't have a drive system,so i went ahead and spent another 100 .the old saying you get what you pay for wasn't true in this case
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