Jun 9, 2001
Tonight when I replaced my spark plug the wire that goes into the rubber cap that fits over the spark plug pulled out. Did the wire tear or does the wire just get stuffed into the opening on the rubber boot and then it is secured by a zip tie? The bike runs but I'am wondering if I'am getting a weaker spark. Also if this is not normal can I just buy a new wire with the rubber plug boot attached or will I need to buy a new ignition coil? Once again thanks for the much needed help.


Aug 29, 2001
The spark plug cap "screws" into the plug cord. It is not meant to just be pushed on.

Pull it off again, check the condition of the core (wire). If you can only see two or three strands of wire you may want to clip off a half inch of the then to get back to the meaty wire. DON'T clip too much though or you will not have enough cord to reach the spark plug when you put it back on!

After clipping, "screw" the plug cap back in in a clockwise direction and then attach a small ziptie over the rubber boot (to keep it from pulling out again).

Hope this helps.
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