Spoiled, spoiled riders


Jul 11, 2001
I get really irritated with all these spoiled off-road riders who whine and snivel about the least little flaw in their bikes. Like the guy moaning that KTM continues to use the 20mm offset triple clamps while the factory guys all use the 18mm or whatever. Doesn't seem to bother Shane Watts all that much. ':p' Or guys who spend untold dollars on Excel rims, Talon hubs, the latest flavor of oversized handlebar, steering dampers; reeds, pipes, and mufflers to coax the last teaspoonful of horsepower out of bikes when these guys couldn't fully use what the bikes came stock with.

I remember when a motorcycle didn't have to be perfect to have a good time. In fact some of the best times I ever had were on some of the worst pieces of junk, like my old Greeves. Man, that thing was horrible! Barely faster than walking, and a lot more troublesome. But I loved every minute of it (well, okay, I didn't love the part about pushing it home every third ride).

Hey, these modern bikes are just about perfect! Stop whining that your KTM doesn't turn like a Gas Gas, or that your KX 250 vibrates too much. Oh, your ultra-long-travel, superplush suspension doesn't soak up every single rock and root? Get over it. Your 43-horsepower power-valve 250 with the broad, smooth powerband doesn't rev out like a road-racer? What a shame! Every bike has its own quirks and flaws, but just about anything out there will do a capable job. Just learn to ride it. And stop sniveling.

CR Swade

Jan 18, 2001
While I can respect that you spent time on a Greeves, I would tend to think that if the aftermarket part industry was as large then as it is now, guys would have been doing the same thing.

Case in point? Fox Shox made a company out of replacing poor quality shocks during the 70's. I don't have any need ever for a pair of Girlings.

Fact is, most of us would never dream of racing a car stock, so why wouldn't you personalize your scoot to what works best on the trail/track. Yeah the bikes are way better, but so are the aftermarket engineers that design these goodies. I personally have used all kinds of goodies and can tell a HUGE difference between stock and what I ride now.

I respect what you have to say, but I am a perpetual tinkerer. I love the way my bike works with it's re-valved suspension, Clarke tank, Scotts damper, FMF exhaust, etc. etc.

BTW, I would stop short of calling guys/gals that spend 2-6 hours in the saddle at a nasty enduro or hare scramble snivelers. They just want to enjoy their ride as much as possible. Really what is wrong with that?:)


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!:p

(That's okay--means things are getting back to normal :) )

I must agree. I bought the be-all, end-all of 4-stroke technology in Sept. 1996--a 1997 XR400R. About three days later (okay, maybe a little longer) rumors start flying about some trick new 4-stroke from Yamaha. Then a couple years later, KTM decides to come out with something new. I gotta have 'em!

There's nothing wrong with my bike, though, so I keep it around. It's a heck of a lot better than my ol XR500!


Alowishus Devadander
Nov 10, 1999
AND WE LIKED IT! I can understand if somebody is bitching as if the bike is worthless without the mods. However, its fun to tune and things like steering dampers and suspension work do make noticeable differences in speed where racing is concerned. If you don’t want to change your stuff then don’t, but leave others to spend their money on whatever they want. I only modify things which I feel are necessary for me, for instance taller seat, bigger tank, taller bars, stiffer springs, and a steering damper nothing else. BTW, if today’s bikes are perfect and don’t need anything why do you need two? :confused:


Oct 9, 2000
What are you talking about?! All the things listed help alot

Excell rims and talon hubs-Cheaper that stock to replace a ruined wheel and much stronger

Scotts dampner-try one and you will see!:confused:

Bars-To personalize ergos an to have the strongest ones possible. After spending the mulah for twinwalls, I have yet to bend a bar in 1.5 years.

Pipes, silencers, HP increasers-I will say it again, a good smooth, fast motor helps a whole bunch! My new bike has 2000 grand in motor mods(what was the previous owner thinking?) the bike rips. It is easy to ride (tires me out less) and keeps up with modern 250's.

Suspension mods-keeps the bike predicatable and under control. This is probably one of the most important mods. Really improved my bike 10 fold+.

But, on the other hand I can still have fun on a stock bike, even an XR80, it is just more fun and satisfying on a bike that is personalized to me and easy to ride too.:cool:


Apr 13, 2000
Originally posted by KawieKX125
My new bike has 2000 grand in motor mods(what was the previous owner thinking?) the bike rips.

Wow, 2000 grand in motor mods! Technically, that's $2,000,000 ya know...;) just kiddin, I know what you meant.

But seriously, I can see where JMD is coming from. Granted, most mods do make the bike easier/more fun to ride, but like he said, the vast majority of riders don't NEED a lot of the toys they buy. My '89 KDX ain't the trickest bike on the block, but heck, I still have a blast riding it and that's the most important thing to remember. After all, if it weren't fun, none of us would be here! :cool:

I'm with ya JMD!



Jun 16, 1999
While it does bother me that somebody with the most up to date, state of the art bike can whine about every last little detail, I see nothing wrong with dumping tons of money into a bike even if you're not gonna use it to its full potential.

Maybe some people just like having all that trick stuff, because its what makes 'em happy. Take me for example....I LOVE having all the power my bike has. Do I ever use most of what it makes? Not hardly, unless I find a good long straight away. But, I stil drool over the fact that a Honda Power -Up kit would give me an extra 10 ponies.

So get over it.....just because somebody is slow, doesn't mean they can't have a kick a$$ bike.


Dec 27, 2000
I agree with JMD also. The only time I bump up anything on our bikes is when that certain part gets broken, or is wearing badly. I usually choose to buy aftermarket, and you can bet that I will find the cheapest price available and it will usually be cheaper than the original parts.

I am also sick of posers. They always have the most hopped-up bikes, but can't, or won't ride them.:p


Sep 22, 2000
I'm guilty of making some mods to bikes, that are already above my riding ability. My only excuse is that it's my favorite hobby. I don't spend money at the golf coarse or at the bars, but instead choose to spend it on my bike. Does that make me a poser, maybe in your eyes, but It's all what makes you happy. Can't wait to get those Titanium valve stem caps, need to lighten the bike up;) .


Aug 2, 2001
We are just slightly moving away from the topic, THERE IS nothing wrong with personalizing a bike to suit your needs, riding ability, etc, But I think what he is talking about is numb skulls buying shiny red clamps on new CR'S that are infact heavier and weaker than the awesome stock clamps. However if you needed the ergo's changed like kawi stated than that is fine! What rips me is when I go to the track and there are usally 2 guys with almost 500 dollars worth of freestyle apperal on ,and there are 2 brand new bikes with graphics kits and all the other eye candy and then they DON'T EVEN UNLOAD THERE BIKES! I actually here these guys telling a rider how to jump!!! A few months back one of the guys rode around the track with no helmet and he just did little wheelies around the track and loaded his bike up! After one lap!! He then tells his buddy that "the conditons are great for 5th gear bar banging yet he loads up and sits on the tail gate??? Oh well whatever floats your boat, anyways personalizing is not bad, but the kids who tell there dads that they need chrome plastic to go faster is just plain dumb!:D


Oct 9, 2000
The people that you speak of annoy me, but if you ride and actually use the mods there is nothing wrong with them.

Wow, 2000 grand in motor mods! Technically, that's $2,000,000 ya know... just kiddin, I know what you meant.
Whoops!!! I meant 2 grand. The previous owner yanked the motor out when brand new and got everything tom morgan has for it. Then after 3 rides, he sold it to me and lost thousands. What a great deal!


Apr 3, 2001

All stock over here !!!!

I personally laugh at all the bikes I pass with FMF this and that, blah blah blah tripple clamps.

But on the flip side if I smashed my pipe this weekend I do not think I would spend the extra to buy a stock pipe when an aftermarket is cheaper.(and shiney)

I think the money is better spent on wear items like pistons and clutch baskets, ect.

I refuse to buy Graphics but I will spend 90.00 on a D.I.D. Gold chain, and others will buy that 20.00 chain and buy Graphics?


Stop making fun of me!

Hey, I have a medical condition, OK? My doctor says I have an enzyme imbalance that does something to my neurotransmitters blahblahblah...
Anyway, I have an uncontollable urge to spend cubic dollars on aftermarket parts. My goal: turning woods bikes into MXer's and vice versa.;)
Actually, not much to buy for the KTM except for some utilitarian things like handguards and clutch slave cylinder protector. Other than that, it's set up pretty sweet as is. But I do love tinkering and tweaking. Taking it apart and putting it back together. That's all part of the fun of this disease, er, I mean hobby.:)


Big Pig
Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM
Re: Yeehaw

Originally posted by Yamamoto :
"All stock over here !!!!
I personally laugh at all the bikes I pass with FMF this and that, blah blah blah tripple clamps."

I heard THAT! :)
The ones that really make me laugh are the ones who show up -w- brand new $5,000 bikes, $1,500+ worth of gear, new graphics, stickers all over their truck etc, etc. Then they take 45 minuites to gear and gas up, then ride for about 1/2 hour and come back to rest for an hour or 2.
I ran into a few like this several weeks ago.
Rode with 'em for a while then b.s.ed a bit back at their truck.
They asked where my truck was.
"Back in Farmington".
So how'd you get up here? How long you been riding today?
"I rode up here, about 75 miles offroad. been riding about 4 hours now."
"speaking of which, the days not getting any younger, later guys."
Dude's jaw was probably dragging in the dirt. :eek:
Hey man, i go out to RIDE not keep my trailer from falling over! :confused:
( it's just a shame that i'm still so slow.) :D


Sprayin tha game
N. Texas SP
Oct 27, 2000
So you rode 75 miles, the rode for four more hours? Wait, then you had to ride 75 more miles back home? That sounds like one of those stories your grandparents tell about walking 15 miles to school in the snow, uphill both ways.

Ok, I'm definately not a poser, but I couldn't do that. The only things that aren't stock on my bike is the air filter (does that even count), bars (stockers bent), a gripper seat cover (once again, stocker ripped), and a blue fender (didn't like the white one). If I crush a pipe, you better believe I'll go aftermarket, but not unless it's neccesary. Aftermarket is cool and all, but it's not me. Personally, I really couldn't care less what other people have, it's how they ride that's important.


Jul 9, 2001
I for one find it much easier to sit here and purchase weight saving, power gaining after-market parts than to get my aging, over-weight a$$ to the gym. Plus, after-market stuff looks cool and gives you something to talk about.


Nov 30, 2000

I think it all boils down to the fun factor. If you have the extra cash and wanna blow it on every after market part you can buy and this makes you smile :) ... then go for it!!! I personally don't have the extra cash or the desire to tinker with my bike, I'd rather be riding it. This is where the fun is for me. I maintain what I have to when I have to and that's it. As long as it makes you happy who gives a ratt's harry one what everybody else thinks. If it bothers you to hear them whine, then don't listen. :think


Jan 1, 2001
Anyone who knows me can tell you I obsess about bikes 24/7. I spend countless hours poking through catalogs and looking online searching for parts to make my ‘95 XR250R just a little bit better. I do it because I love it; nothing gives me more joy then thinking about what I will do to my bike. When I can’t be riding I am accessorizing in my mind. Granted I don’t have very much money and I rarely get what I want for the bike, but the fun is in the searching.

Lee Wilson


May 30, 2001
I'm tired of having a bike that looks like everybody elses. Rims, hubs, graphics, bars, all fun ways to personalizee my ride. In fact, I'm gonna take apart my next new bike and have key parts anodized before I ever ride it, to give it some 'style'. I can't wait to write some checks to aftermarket companies!!!! :)


Wise master of the mistic
Jun 28, 2001
XRP, What's wrong with an XR500.

I guess I'm not a poser or a sniveler. Just a wannabe, no fancy boots, pants, no flashy graphics on the helmet, and definitely not a fancy bike.
Except this spring I bought a fancy chrome exhaust, sounded good and looked good. Then the back pressure was to much for the old gal and broke an exhaust valve. Needless to say no more 500 in the stall. I need an XR400 or something I can climb hills, chase cows, cruz the trails, ride hard, and gets me home.
I wouldn't mind a KTM 400MXC(wanna be) but budget will probably limit to a good used XR400(reality).


Jul 11, 2001
Riding barefoot! There's no need to get ridiculous. We did have to use seats made out of old, splintery two-by-fours, though, and tires that were really just black electrical tape wrapped around the bare rims. But riding barefoot? Of course not! I did ride an entire season in flip-flops, though, because I couldn't afford boots. :D

Old CR goat

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Nov 10, 2000
My two sons have convinced me(and we all know that this is true)that the more graphics, cool stickers, grippier seat............. the faster the bike!

That's why my old 90 CR250 has no graphics, only two stickers(they're little ones), nothing like that to make it fast. I'm OLD and brittle, broken bones don't appeal to me. So I try to keep mine dull and slow.
I did have it bored, ported and all but did not install the stickers so I should be fine.:cool:

R White

Sep 13, 2001
my kids tried same thing, intill I told the oldest, ok spend your own money,hes 15 and has pt.job, the middle extra chores,the youngest,clean your room,I recieved same reply from all but daaaaaaad! :cool:
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