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Jul 11, 2001
Forty-two years old, haven't ridden in over 23 years, (rode very little in 1995 on KX 500). I was wondering which bike would be the best choice: 300 EX, MX or 380 SXwich is mostly what i've found? is the ex gear ratio to wide for mx?(keep thinking of the 300 being to small or not) I am 6'2", 240 lbs., wanting to get back into riding in vet mx and hare scramble. Would the 380 SX be too much for trail riding, etc.? I have mostly found 300 EX and 380 SX. thanks DOUG
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Jul 29, 1999
I had a 17 year "lay-off" myself and started back with a XR400, too heavy! Now I have the 300EXC and LOVE it. The 300EXC or a 400EXC would be a good choice, great trail machines and can be raced right out of the box more or less. At your weight (I'm about 20 lighter) you would need heavier springs front&rear but that is on any bike you get. (Stock setup are for the 180Lb riders.) Go KTM!


Jul 21, 1999
The problem I have making a recommendation is the fact you want to use it for woods and MX use. No bike does both well. If you setup for MX, it'll be harsh in the woods, or at least not as good as it can be. If you go for woods settings, it'll be too soft on the MX track.

The MXC and EXC have the same suspension. The big difference is no lights on the MXC and the closer ratio tranny. I didn't like the MXC tranny in my 380 as it limited the top end badly. I don't MX so the EXC is the choice for me.

The SX would be fine for trail riding but may be a bit on the harsh side suspension wise. The 380 has a fair bit more vibration than the other KTM's. The 300 is plenty big enough for you. The 250/300/380 all share the same frame and suspension relative to the model.

What years are you talking about?


Mar 6, 2001
Given your weight you will definatly need heavier springs front and rear for any bike you purchase.Most bikes come from the factory with springs set up fo riders in the 150-190 lbs range.

BTW-if you're worried about the 300 having enough stones to pull you around....don't be, I'm heavier than you and the bike just screams.

I would say that if you were comfortable on the KX500 then the 380 would probably be ok, but it could be a handful in tight woods.

For the type of riding you are doing I would suggest the is geard low enough to rip on the track ...same gearing works well in tight woods. If you wanted more topend speed alll you would really need to do is pickup a smaller rear sprocket.

I don't know how open your riding areas in KY really are though.


May 4, 2001
I'm 37 and had a 20+ year layoff as well, although, I was never much of a rider to begin with. My advice will be more midlife ramble than solid mx advice.

I bought a KTM 640 LC4 dual sport, and I love it. I originally planned on riding mostly off road, but riding on the street is awesome. There's nothing like taking off in any given direction, any road, or any trail.

The LC4 is not good for woods, but you can see how it does on the track at where a fellow member provides photos.

Usually, when one approaches middle age they start looking at Harleys. With the LC4, you can have the best of both worlds.
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