Steering Stops


Mar 18, 2003
Got my new 04 CRF 450. Its been 15 years since Ive had my own full on competition bike. I bit the dust last weekend and twisted my forks in the clamps. They needed thier break in overhaul anyways ...nothing bent just twisted in the clamps. What concerns me though is the gouge the lower triple clamp steering stop left in the aluminum frame. I am confident there is no structural compromise but over time that area could become ugly. How do you guys prevent this or should I just not worry? I was thinking some JB weld and a piece steel for a sacraficial stop. Whats the trick to polishing plastic also. Man it sucks having a beautiful bike out of the crate and crackin it up!!!!!!!! :scream: I think seeing the scratches and dings after the crash is more painful than the crash. :( Thanks for your comments.......Ross

Jeff Gilbert

N. Texas SP
Oct 20, 2000
Sounds like it may be a good idea to help prevent further damage. I've see some really ugly looking places where the steering stops have left their mark.