Jul 10, 2000
Trans drain on 1995 KDX. Threads are toast.

Could helicoil, getting the tang out through the bottom could be a PITA.

Could carefully drill and tap to a 12mm and find a new plug.

"Easier" type of insert than helicoil out there? Other methods/suggestions?

TIA, Jeff
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Oct 19, 1999
I had the same problem on a 93 kx250. I had somebody with a alum. welder close up the hole a little bit and then I retapped it.
Beware that if your center gasket is near the hole you could burn it up and then you may need some Mr. Gasket.

you may want to try going to the next size hole in inches/metric and then put an o-ring on the bolt and wire tie it to the frame

good luck

Greg in Oz

Aug 21, 2001
I did this exercise on my old KTM . You can helicoil easy and to get the tang out put a dollop of grease on the end of the tool thingy that you use to break it off. The tang will stick to the grease and come back out attached to the tool.;)


Jan 5, 2001
You could tap to the next size and put wax on the chutes to trap the aluminum shavings. Clean the chutes out twice and put in new wax each time. Pour in cheap oil, 10w-30 or something, swish it around and drain. Then put in your normal oil. A tiny bit of aluminum shavings shouldnt do anything to your transmission, I had a cotter pin go thru and come out in a million pieces 2 hours of riding later. The transmission doesnt make any funny noises, shifts well and the clutch is all-grip/no-slip.
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