Mar 25, 2001
well my rings locked up on my awhile back abou a month ago. i took it all had scuffed the cylinder adn the exaust brigdes were cracked. i sent it in to get welded up and replated. it turns out the had to bore it out so i gained another 5cc. i got it all back about 2 weeks later and i put the powervalves in how i thought i should.i put it all back together and got it broke in. i got it in the power band and it was gutless.i couldn't figure it out.finally i came to the conclusion that my power valves were in there i tore it all back down again. turns out that when you work on it and put the valves in the right is on the right but on the 250 kdx you turn the cylinder overso the valves heads are on the bottom and so they are on the opposite sides. so i switched them so they were right and put it all back together again. once i did that it had a awsome powerband thanks to new power valves which are $55 a pop a piece.(ouuuch) anyways today i clicked it up to 5th gear which is top for a 250 adn cracked it and wiht a little arm pull the front end sailed above the ground. i went for a 1/4 mile and set it back down. i had it pinned all the way and it just carried all the way wiht no let off or anything!that was the best wheelie i have ever done and it was in 5TH GEAR!:p but anywyas i would liek to thank all that helped me in my rebuild form this site. And keep on riding!

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Well half your luck, in the weekend fooling around in a carpark I found a design flaw in my FZ50 scooter that causes it to flood if it is vertical for more than about 20 seconds. (Power required holding it up being more dependent on your legs than the pathetic amount through first gear).

Surely Suzuki’s test riders would have found this out in preliminary testing?
I wonder if there is a recall kit? Oh they’ll probably babble on about design for purpose & all that but I haven’t even fitted the knobblies yet.

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