Aug 19, 2007
Hi all, this is my first post here. My son and I are new riders. He more so than me. I have extensive experience riding road race bikes.

I recently got sick of seeing a R1 that didn't run kicking around the garage and put it up on Craig's list and it sold in less than an hour for $700.00 more than I listed it for and "Whallah!" we had money for dirt bikes. (the wife wasn't happy but she couldn't say anything!!! :nener:

The son got a 98 or 99 XR100 for 700 and I got a 2001 Kawi kx125 for 1200 and we had money for gear. both bikes are in very good shape except for tires. I replaced the tires but the suspension on the XR really stinks. I have access to a cr85R suspension. is there any way to adapt it to the XR? If not, is there anyone who sells upgrades for it? I searched the forum but came up empty.

Thanks in advance,


Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
First thing I'd do is get a frame connector for the XR100. It made a noticable difference in our XR80 being a bit less flexy. As far as retrofitting.... anything is possible depending on how much work you want to do or pay to have done. The hot ticket is poping the XR engine in a CR85 chassis.

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