Jul 14, 2000
Hmmm...Spellchecker didn't pick up suspension :think
Ok, I'm not sure where this should go(beginner or here) so feel free to movie it. I have a '98 CR 125 and I have springs for my weight and am ready to set them up. When I go to set my clickers are the harder and softer settings talking about the dampening? Like If I wanted my compression or rebound to be softer I would turn the clicker towards the harder position? Is this the same for my fork and shock, rebound and compression? Any set up tips? Thanks


Aug 25, 2000
Moo, harder is slower, softer is faster. If you want slower rebound, for example you would turn the clicker clockwise (harder). Compression is the same, if you want firmer or slower movement, you go to the "harder" setting adn visa versa.

I would suggest you start at the stock settings (should be listed in your manual), then use Jer's tuning guide (from to assist in fine tuning.

Did you go to softer than stock springs? If so you will probably find you will need softer clicker setting in most cases, particularly on rebound (but maybe not).
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