thanks to everyone here for the help on jetting!

joe woj

Oct 29, 1999
:D thanks to everyone here at just kdx that helped me get my jetting right , i finally got to get out and ride the bike quite a bit on sunday and its like a totally a diffrent bike, it just has way more power all the way through , from right off idle to WOT, what a diffrance, in the past i have always belived that the factory engenieers setup was fine, heck who am i to tear into their work, and change it or try to make it better, with my mediocore mechanical skills , second guessing a kawasawki engineer?, but with much help from C-Daves jetting article a began to see the light , now i had to read it like 10 times and then played with carb a bunch but its all worth it ! the bike is really ripping !, this mod is well worth the time spent, and though your always adjusting for changes in alltitude, temps and ect.. when you get it right its truly a magical thing, and a real joy to ride!
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