Jun 2, 2002
To all who contributed to make Dirtweek such a fun have my gratitude. I think this was the most fun I have had in ten years easy.

All the people who helped run the events and keep things smooth and countless hours of planning; all the sponsors; Cooper, Dubach and Billy for putting on a great show; whoever donated the Spodewash so people didn't have to stink all week (Some still did!); and most of all the new people I met and friends I guys are top notch! I can't wait to get back next year and do this again.

Best Regards,


BTW: No takers I guess on the bike for sale! I thought $500 or Jagermeister would have sold it but I guess I'll just hold on to it for now!


Dec 31, 2000
I have to agree with ya there Christopher. It was a great time. And I'm looking very forward to next year also. If you need a pic of your bike with the for sale or trade for yager sign on it to put in the bikes for sale forum I have it, hehe... I still think it should have been put in the out house, :laugh: LOL.

Blue Thunder

Dec 20, 2000
Had a great time myself, glad to meet all that I did. Lots of fun riding, trails and track were perfection.
Hope to see an update on all of the injured once everyone arrives home.
Hats off to all of the organizers and folks that worked behind the scenes to make this a fun event for everyone. Looking forward to DW04'. Jason

CR Swade

Jan 18, 2001
Heck Chris, I'd would have taken you up on the bike offer if I knew you were serious (I just figured you were the receiving end of a DW prank).

Hats off to all of the hard work done, as I told Okie, this is a yearly must-do for our KC group. :thumb:


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
There are entirely too many people to thank, but I'll give it a shot.

Eddie - Thanks for letting me crash in your RV. BIG thanks for the food, too. If you had boobs, I'd marry you. ;)

Aimee- Thanks for letting Eddie come to DW.

Nik & Red - Thanks for letting me sleep in the garage with the dog and the stinky gear.

Natalie - That was the best shrimp I've ever had. Thanks for the zoomy Hawaiian shirt, too.

Milk - Thanks for the pointers on the track. I hate that you crashed out on the step-up, and I hope you'll forgive me for not trying it after watching you fly off it backwards without your bike.

(Part Two coming up shortly. . .)


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
I gotta give thanks too:

To everyone who drug me out of Idaho, you make me wanna go back.

To Jamir and Cam, thanks for pickin' me up at the airport! I was askeert there for a bit wondering if anyone was gonna find me, but I never shoulda doubted.

To Aimee and Ed, thanks for the setup! The only thing missing was the mint on the pillow.

To Natty, The Queen of DW03, Thanks for the food, the Captain, and the company. You still owe me some pancakes, though ;)

To Wes, for trading beers for snorts of Maker's Mark (and thanks again Ed for the hooch!)

To Jamir for letting me borrow the Cane, Milk for letting me borrow Glenn, and Ed for letting me ride his 400. Now I'm even more confused as to what I need to buy next!

And to Milk and Christy for putting up with me for a night on the couch, and droppin' me off at the airport. Someday I won't be too tired to finish watching Old School.

And if I missed anyone, thanks to them now. It's still buzzing thru my head.


Roosta's Princess
Damn Yankees
Mar 28, 2003
Oh well I don't even know where to start.

*My # 1 Thanks go to Scooter1130 and TreeJumper. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have had my bike.

*Thanks to Tony Eeds for the rides to and from the airport.

*Thanks to all the sponsors for helping support this great event! I'm so glad I went!

*Thanks to Nikki and Jenny for the Women's MX school. I learned a lot!

*Thanks to Patman, Speedy, JP and Lou for all the different bike tests. That was fun and I'm about ready to go buy a WR250, a trials bike and a fiddy...too bad I don't have that kind of money!

*JP...Thanks for the blanket. I owe you big time! I would've froze for 2 more nights if it wasn't for that blannket.

*Thanks to Eddie and Natalie and Camp Tejas for the great eats. I've never eaten so many dinners in one night!

and last but not least (I think...)

*Thanks to Wrench's invisible friend for the handguards and barkbusters (since I know it was you but you won't admit it).

More to follow if I remember. If I forgot anyone, feel free to ream me! I'm in a cold medicine cloud right now!


COTT Champ Emeritus
Damn Yankees
Aug 31, 2000
nope didn't forget anyone. nope nobody at all. . .

I wanna thank the whole Okie family. You host a party that cannot be equaled.
Thump and Hotpants- For the graphics, and what must be hours on the phone lining up sponsors for the events.
All of the mods for helping putting up with us year round, and and their families for putting up with them.
The sponsors for giving up their time, energy and product for us to grapple after every night :).
The people who attended; you make DW what it is. A family reunion.
Is it time for DW04 yet?


Roosta's Princess
Damn Yankees
Mar 28, 2003
Oh yeah...I'm a dummy!

Majorly big thanks to PK. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have had a DW '03 Ticket or Plane ticket! Maybe I should give him that really nice blue Team DRN hat after all...

Hehe...I knew I forgot someone!


COTT Champ Emeritus
Damn Yankees
Aug 31, 2000
hehe, just messing with you squeaky.
You have no idea how cool it was for me to be able to take you with me to DW, and see you enjoying yourself the way you did.


President of Bling
N. Texas SP
Nov 3, 2000
Too many for me to thank... I'm sure I forgot a lot but anyways...

*Tex for the awesome camp tejas food
*camp tejas for helping me out when my ez up folded over and making sure my stuff got dry...
*RahRah and randy for the warm beds.
*team crazy monkey
*JP$ for being with an F woods rider in the Team Harescramble
* :p JP$ for not kicking my butt when I busted my ass on his 50, bent the bars down and when the throttle stuck while complaining about how he needs to tighten the bolts better (I swear that's what happened)
*getmetoca.. you know why.
*nikki.. had an awesome time teaching women's mx school.
*elk for cleaning my fork seals... when I asked him to help and then ran off to teach the women's MX leaving him to do it.
*slomo for our chat on the bed of my truck
*the cheer squads
*everyone for the good times and the laughs
*everyone i forgot to mention


'00 Flappin' Fender [Ret]
Jun 7, 2000
Originally posted by SqueakyGirl

*Thanks to Wrench's invisible friend for the handguards and barkbusters (since I know it was you but you won't admit it).

He said to tell you that no thanks is needed .. just put to alot of use.

*** I would like to thank Okie and family ...
Everyone who let me work on their bikes (it was much needed therapy) ... *KelvinKDX(Jim), Jim S, Dead and Wendy for their hospitallity (it would have been a really wet week for _SOLO_ and myself if not for them) ...
*ZIO, for giving me that "little" nudge that I needed in the HS (it was really cool riding with you) ...
*Sarge, His insights to life and personal hygene will never be forgotten...
*KIWI, Keeping my spirits up, really good conversation and story telling. (Man I gotta check out some of those riding places in those pic you showed me) ...
*BSWIFT, well can enough be said to thank you? ...
*TonyEeds and camp Tejas ... you guy's rock! ...
*GETMETOCA/Natalie, The "adult cola's" put me over the top! WhooHoo! ... *BigLou, for the name tags, fireside fun and the lesson in "Hot coal riding" style...
*MXBundy & Thumbs, for some hillarious stories ...
*PapaKeith and Squeaky ... Class "A" people/attitudes ...
*The GOMER clan, you guy's are really GOOD friends that I would never had met if not for DRN.
*Zoomer, thanks for the use of you personal pressure washer ...
*Mick and Bratt, always smiling ... even when we got over to Mick on the MX track when he crashed .. with a big smile ... "Oh yeah, I think I broke my collarbone again .. it'll be ok for the race though!"
*Barbara Parrish and Ike DeJagger, one can always learn something from them ...
*Vintage Dirt (Wes), cool old bikes and a good guy to hang out with (pretty fair HS partner too, we did beat your previous partner).
*Milk, Did you find your "wiener"?
*Julius Pleaser, for putting together one of the most enjoyable races from a spectator point of view.
*MrLucky & Speedy, for your impersonation of campfire parents, who knows what would have happened next!
*Elk, for once again comming up with a problem (mechanical) that I couldn't figure out! I'm sure it is going to be something really simple) ...
*Cam, good conversation and a really SWEET TM400 motocrosser to drool over ...
*Firecracker, what was that "fruity-tropical" drink anyway? (she smiles alot as well) ...
*The guys from Transsport, they kept everyone going ...
*Mully and crew for a great HS course ...
*FarmerJohn, thanks for the lesson in desert Techniques and how to avoid leaving stuff behind ... I tried it and came back with everything this year .. I think! ...
*The Southern Gentlemen in the Castle on wheels (MikeB,TimR,Paddy and Rah-Rah) for the weather updates from the satellite.
*Taraker, for remembering my jacket from MWSF'00 ... I hope that you heal up quickly ...
*Lori and Dave for the "bunny hop" lessons ...
*The wounded members of our Team_Turtle group (Maryanne and Aryn) get well soon ...

There are soooo many more, I will get to you as I remember ... there is so much to remember that it is hard to think about all of it at once ... you know?

*Oh Yeah!! And my travelling buddy and fellow member of Team_Turtle ...
_SOLO_ I wouldn't have made it without you.

And one last thing to remember. When large groups of people from all walks of life get together, alot of things happen. Some of them are good and some are not. I do not know what the future holds for myself nor anyone else. I hope that there will be many more DW's for me in the future. I just want to say right now, that I am better off now for the DW's that I have been to and the people that I have met then I was before. There is sooo many more complex things and stuff that make up life than dirtbikes (right ZIO?). Which is why I think that DirtWeek is so special to all of us. Some people just do not "gel" together and other's do. No biggie, that's life, it will move on with or without us. Maybe we will meet up on the trail or track sometime in the future, but we will always have our memories.
Anyway, having said that ........

Blackhawk, I have an "Olive Branch" for you if you want it.



Professional Mud Tester
Aug 30, 2001
Too many to list here and like Squeaky Girl I am in a cold medicine haze at the moment.

Eddie & Aimee for the great food and being the great friends that you are.

Bundy and the Cali guys for bringing alot of the food that Eddie cooked.

Natalie for always looking out for me and everyone else to make sure that we always were fed and comfortable.

BSwift & Tony Eeds for the spode wash! I didn't use it, but I am glad it was there for the others to use!!!

Blackhawk for letting a woods guy poke around on the track behind her to try to learn how to jump and for becoming a great new friend.

David, Lori & Patman for the trials exhibition. It was great fun.

FarmerJohn for helping me pry my carb back into place.

Elk for being my partner in the Team HS. I blew a good start, but you kept smiling and riding hard and smiling anyway. Your attitude is one of the ones that exemplifies what Dirt Week is all about as are many of the others.

The Mannford Masonic Lodge for a great Saturday night meal.

The Okie clan... Bob's vision and the rest of his family for putting on such a great event. You too Thump, I know you all worked hard to make this a great event.

If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize, it is just so hard to keep track of so much goodwill happening in one week.
Last edited:


Jun 8, 1999
My list of thanks goes like this: (In no particular order)

Coors beer for the lack of memory for the whole week :think:

Motorhomes that have exhaust vents (Friday night chili had some of the boys kinda tore up)

Advil for the old man aches and pains.

Tony BSwift for the Hot water shower

Lorin and Butch for the tour of the "500". Also thanks Lorin for remembering the disc protector from last year.

Okie and all the people associated with pulling off an event as big as this.

Eddie and Aimee for putting up with JP so we didnt have to.

Smitty for letting RahRah hook up with you in the team HS. He had a BLAST.

Kiwi, Bundy, Zio, Thumbs, Scar, Farmer John, and all you other SoCal boys for the laughs and the conversation.

Firecracker, Natalie, Jenny, Bratt, Aimee, Nikki, Hot Pants, Scooter and all you other ladies for putting up with us and improving the scenery ALOT.

The Michigan Mafia for all the good KTM advice and the tour of the big KTM rig. Way cool.

Shiftless, Scooter, Crispy for not killing Timr and me after the "fight"

All the vendors for the give aways.

CAL, Lonnie, Darby for letting us take over your campsite

A big blanket thank you to everyone for making this another week to remember. It is about bikes and riding but after you have been to one its more about friends and family. They just keep getting better.


Alowishus Devadander
Nov 10, 1999
Originally posted by Mikeb
Smitty for letting RahRah hook up with you in the team HS. He had a BLAST.

Same for me, he was a great partner. Gung ho all the way. I had a blast.


Mr. Atlas
Jul 28, 2000
I should do a "thank you" list, but I'll stray for a moment & do a "sorry" list:

*Oldguy- sorry for poking you in the butt with a water bottle during the group photo. And sorry for kissing you next. Sorry for making it such a long kiss, too. I couldn't hear the shutter click. Oh, sorry for not brushing, too.

*Pred- sorry for grabbing your butt under the big top while getting our picture taken. It sounded funny in my head, then I realized that wouldn't show up in the photo, and it was just gay.

*Scooter & Crispy- sorry for posting my pee dream. I can't explain that one. I think I proved I'm not incontinent, though... And I had a great time, so I think we can put that one to bed.

*Eddie, Aimee, Milk, Carlo, Natalie, Jamie, Wes, Camp Tejas, etc, etc, sorry for not saying "bye". I'm not much of a goodbye-er. It was easier to just slip out quietly. I'll see you guys next year, at least. And besides, we freakin' post every day on DRN. Right?

*Smitty, for not being funny in person. What can I say- well.... nothing I guess ;)

And now, for a few thanks- to Crispy, Jim, Scooter, Mom & Pokie, for making me feel comfortable & welcome. Your family is a lot like mine, and I think that's why I call Shiftless "mom". Pokie, sorry I never got around at night to have a glass of wine with you. And please, if you talk to Milton, tell him I'm sorry we missed him this year.

Camp tejas, thanks for feeding ryan & I so well. Your hospitality is becoming legendary.

Wes, thanks for the ride on the Maico, the coffee, beer & company, and for making Ryan feel welcome. That meant a lot to me. I'll see you next year!


Alowishus Devadander
Nov 10, 1999
You could've at least had on a funny t-shirt or something.....:)


Always Broken
Dec 26, 1999
Zio if in any way you think I was upset you are wrong- I would probably have done something similar if I was behind you. Practical jokes do not bother me and I expect them in return after I pull them. In this case I figured it was payback from the earlier bike seat incident;)


Feb 9, 2000
Thanks Okie, Pokie and crew - you guys did a fantastic job - I thought Casey was cool, but Cooperland was outstanding - can't wait for next year.

Also a big thanks to Larry for getting my bike/s to dirtweek and back, much appreciated bud.

We were only there the Saturday, but it was great, I plan to definitely stay a few more days next year.

Also to Jim, and Wendy, thanks for letting us camp with you guys, and for looking after my Pamp, sorry you did not get to ride. That green camp chair is mine !


Can't Wait For Tuesdays
Mar 17, 2002
My heartfelt thanks to:

Agent Orange:  For being my Team Harescrambles partner when you could have picked someone fast.  Talk about Taking One For the Team!  And thanks for charging my light system!

Jeff Gilbert:  The tent was a superb accommodation!!!  Thanks so much for lending it out.

Mick and Gina:  Always there for me giving me a hand and making me laugh.  I feel lucky that I get to ride with you guys all year round and not just at Dirtweek. 

Eddie and Aimee:  What can I say??  I love you guys!  Thanks for letting me use the RV to do my dishes!  Eddie, I know you put a lot of work into cleaning up and marking the woods loop and since I spend most of my time out there I just wanted you to know I appreciated it.

Farmer John:  Another good friend.  I'm glad we got to hang out more, you are insanely funny and you were always offering to help me with the stuff that needed to be done around our camp.  If it weren't for you, my bike and my kitchen would not have arrived.  I still cannot believe that you made all my stuff fit in your pickup.

Kiwi Bird:  For bringing my water jugs and your sense of humor.  Thanks for helping me get fitted with the light system.

Elk:  No, we didn't do Track Walk this year, but Neighborhood Watch sure was fun!!!

Motohead00:  Thanks for your continued friendship and support and the funny little lighty thingies you put on my valve stems for the night time Poker Run.  And for letting me borrow your Trials bike.  Sorry I ripped off the rear plastic when I did a brake slide under Dave's truck!

Motometal:  I thought that was nice of you to stop right in the middle of the Team Harescrambles out in the woods to thank me for the Brisket sammich makins'!

Blackhawke:  The sight of you blazing around the track was truly inspirational.  I can still vividly see you hauling arse up the uphill rhythm section and it was an awesome sight.

Vintage Dirt:  You are SO COOL MAN!!!  I missed our coffee chats with us being on opposite sides of Cooperland all week.  I wish I would have walked over to see you more often and I really wanted to ride the CZ.  You have a cool apron too. 

LoriKTM and Woods Warrior:  Thanks for the fun times on the Trials bikes and the GREAT New York State wines!  You two are so much fun and I very much enjoyed hanging out with you.  I hope to see you soon.

Red:  You made me laugh more than you know.

Nik-Dog:  I think you absolutely ROCK.  Thanks for the ice cubes and for putting on the Chili Cookoff.

Timr, Lou, Bundy, Mick - THanks for all of your helmet cam/video expertise so that the rest of us can see what its like to go fast :)

Julius Pleaser:  Thanks for the wine and for hanging out with me a little.  One of these days, we'll tear up B'ham the next time I'm in town.

Papakieth:  Thanks for "Two Hugs" to make up for us not getting to say goodbye last year and for bringing SqueakyGirl, she's a lot of fun.

FC22:  Thanks for the Red Beer, those were tastaaaaaaaay.  I also appreciated all the times you asked me if I needed any help in the kitchen.

Rah-Rah, Mikeb, Paddy:  I think you're COOL and a heck of a lot of fun.  I always smiled when I saw you guys in camp.

Mike Snook:  Man, I don't know where you've been, but you are a welcome addition to DRN!  Those Barrel Races were a ton of fun and so are you.  Glad you stopped by to say your goodbyes before you and Mary headed out of town.

Darby:  All I could think of during the Night Time Poker Run was that you must have been bored out of your gord going at my pace.  Thanks for riding with me and I'm glad I could light the way.

CAL - thanks for picking up more water jugs! 

Rooster (Unabomber):  Thanks for picking up the 5th gallon of The Captain so that I could continue to bartend, and for the whole heap of laughs I had the night Lou killed some kittens.  By the way, Pred told me two days later what "Killin' Kittens" really meant so I got another full round of laughing out of it too.

Jamir!!!  You seemed so bummin' the day you left and I wanted to give you one more day of Dirtweek to cheer you up.  I would if I could you know.  Think about Reno now so you can plan ahead!!

Milk:  You are one of those people who just brings a smile to my face whenever I see you and whenever you cross my mind from some insanely funny thing you might have said at one time or another.  Thanks for the laughs and for getting me to the airport and for marrying such a cool chick like Christy.  I'll cook shrimp scampi for you anytime. The impromptu breakfast buffet was a hoot.  VEGAS BABY!

Pred:  Thanks for making it to Dirtweek so we could all check you out, you Extraterrestrial Badass. ;)   And thanks for carrying my dirty dishes to Aimee and Eddie's RV and for the superb Red Rum cocktails.   

Tony Eeds and BSWIFT:  Thanks for your plumbing expertise so that I could take a nice hot shower.  The Spode Wash was such a great thing, more than you know.  Thanks for all that you do, not just the SpodeWash!

Todd and Robin (MX727):  I had so much fun running into town with the two of you to shop for a Generator and groceries (You don't know how much fun it is to schedule two hours of your day til you run errands with two airline pilots - ON TIME!)

FatherAndSon:  The tour of the KTM Taj Mahal gave me something to save my pennies for!  Many many pennies.....

XR3J:  Thanks for bringing your family to dirtweek, I got a big chuckle when I saw your little girls pop out of the woods to scare the Poker Run Riders - Boo!

Mully:  You did a great job on the raffle and I for one appreciate all the work you put into raising the funds for a good cause.

The Okie Clan:  I think Zio described in a separate thread how he felt about you and Thump and your family not even getting suited up to ride because you worked so hard and worried about all of us having a good time or about injuries and the like.  I felt the same way, if it wasn't for all of you, the week we all live for would not have been possible.  We'll try to figure out a way to relieve some of that pressure off you, but thanks very much to you and your whole family and Thump an Sarah too.


Timmy Timmy Timmy!
Sep 24, 2000
First, thanks to the entire Okie clan and all others that worked and sweated to make DW 03 possible. ! This was my first full DW experience and it was a blast. I will be back.

Second thanks to Shiftless. As I made my rounds Saturday afternoon telling new and old friends good bye I stopped to tell Shiftless thanks and good bye. I said something to Shifless to the effect of thanks for all the hard work you, your family and others put in to make DW possible, you guys make this possible for all that came to enjoy. For a moment there was silence, then with a tear in Shiftless's eye she said, "No, its all of you that make this possible" and with that she gave me a big hug. What she didn't see was the tear in my eye because I knew that my words went straight to her heart. It was a fitting end to my first DW event.

To my new friends, sorry I didn't get many screen names, but in random thought order; Pablo 300 and David from OH, it was great pitting next to you guys! Hope the van made it home with the work Paul put into getting the fly wheel bolts fixed! Frank from WI, you rock on the track dude! Scott from CO, I met someone famous and would never have know about your ski exploits if Frank hadn't told me. Jim(?) on a 02 CR 250 #165 and the guy from Austin (sorry your name escapes me), thanks for the fork building lesson. My parts are on order! There are many others, Cam, firecracker 22, thumbs, Kav, Wraith, I met you all and others and wish there was more time to get to know you all. Bswift, dude if your middle name isn't help, it should be, two thumbs up for all your efforts! Next time I'm buying dinner for you and Tammy! To my fellow team 5 tag team mx mates, Bratt, Darby, Slowpoke. The most fun I had on the bike was teaming with you guys and gal! The tag team mx is a most due again next year. To the other Heartland Spodes, it was great to see everyone again. It looks like you all have converted OldMaiconut to a woods rider!


Sep 10, 2001
Great to see all of you again, and meet the people that I didn't get to meet last year. Thanks to the people that were constantly working so the rest of us could have so much fun. It's really cool to sit and talk with people that live in far-away distant lands and the way things are with them.
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