Aug 12, 2000
Currently have my one son (8) on a 01 KX65 and my other son (10) on a 00 XR80. I have the opportunity to purchase from a family member at a very reasonable price a TTR-125L machine and would like your opinions.

The TTR would be for my 10 year old. He has ridden the KX65 but it is too small for him. When he compares the KX65 to the XR80, he always tells me that the suspension on the KX is much better. I tell him that is because the KX is a more race orientated machine and he realizes that now.

I know he can fit on the TTR and I know it will be plenty big for him (motor size) but my major concern is whether or not the suspension on the TTR is that much better than what is used on the current XR's. I don't want to spend money on something that just has a larger motor.

We mostly trail ride but have a few friends that have private MX tracks that we occasionally ride on so he does like to jump and ride the wooops!



Aug 22, 2000
Yes, the suspension is better than the XR. Not up to m/x standards though.

The KX will always be a better m/x weapon, because that's what it was designed for.

But the TTR will be a step up from the XR, and much better at handling a track.

BBR also has many modifications to make the TTR really track-worthy (even for an adult) www.bbrmotorsports.com

Use the search function here to see many posts covering this same topic.


Apr 17, 2001
The TTR is a great fun bike. It takes a fair bit to make it into a MX bike but can be done. :D He will find the TTR really easy to ride and will be fast on it really quickly even is stock form. Add fork springs and open up the air box, muffler and machine the flywheel and they rip. It will be a good transition bike from the KX 65 to a 80 later.
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