Sep 1, 2000
I have never met a more determined person than Suzy Moody. That probably explains why she is so successful in most everything she sets her mind too! Her injury was very serious because she lost a lot of blood when she hit her stomach on the handlebars but held on until the rescue people could get her to the hospital. We had a team doctor who met them at the hospital and made sure that all the equipment and proceedures were up to date. (Which they were). After only 1 and a half days in ICU Suzy was moved to another room where she just had to wait as they drained her stomach. I visited her each day and she was never concerned about herself but that Mandi and I had made it. She was always cheering for us. It was only after a few days that she was sitting up and looking really good. She made the doctor take her off the Morphine and the IV. The problem was that they wanted her to stay 10 days and she wanted to come home. Healing is always easier at home. However, the doctor said no so Suzy just had to take matters into her own hands and well let's say break out. Daryl pushed her to the sun room where the nurses thought she was just going to get some sun. (She said they were even giving her medication on the way down) Once the nurses left she hoped in the car and they headed for the airport. She probably should have just stayed but I don't blame her for wanting to get home. She did check herself into the hospital here in the states and will just relax until her body completely heels. I forgot her address again today but I will try to post it tomorrow. She is doing well though.



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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
:cool: What a gal! I have no doubts that had Suzy not gotten injured she would have been right up there with you and Mandi getting the awards!


Jul 26, 1999
I just got this on my e-mail. (I hope it's OK to post it here)

A Letter from Suzy

Hey Good Friends,

Today (Thursday, Sept 6) I have finally made it back home from the hospital.

(I know there are a lot of concerns and questions about my accident and condition, so I have asked to put this letter up so
maybe it can shed some light on both).

The Story:

Day 1 (fortunately or unfortunately) I was about 100 miles into the race when they turned us down a really step Berkshire
type downhill. Rocky and dusty. There where several ledges to traverse before the last decent. I made it to the last decent
and had to make a sharp left around a tree to avoid a set of concrete steps and metal handrails. Well, either due to the dust
or a root or my inattention, I clipped one of the metal handrails. That jerked my front end from pointing left to right, sliding
down under the next set of hand rails. The front forks hit the next set, I am still holding onto the handle bars, slid up on the
tank, step incline and me and bike finally stop with the rear end down hill and the front wheel still caught in the handrail. So
basically, my gut got squished between the bike, the bars and the G force of going down hill and what little speed I hit.

I popped up, got my bike down, cranked it back up, went about 20 feet down the trail and almost blacked out. So I think, OK,
just a shock thing. I get off the bike, put my head below my heart and wait for it to subside. Well, no subside, belly started
swelling and I started sweating and trying to pass out. First American rider by, I look them in the eye and tell them, "Get me
help now!" I really nice French family came by and the 16-year-old daughter could speak English. She and her family
stayed with me, wiping my face and giving me water and shade while waiting for help.

Help did arrive about 45 min. later by a KTM riding French doctor. Luckily he had a pain shot and an IV, which he quickly
administered after reading my BP as 70/40. He knew I was in trouble. Immediately called in Med Flight and all the troupes.
Within about 2 hours of my wreck, I was at the Brive Hospital, which happened to be very good. I had a CAT scan, which
quickly told them I was bleeding internally and an emergency operation was put into motion.

By this time the AMA American doctor showed up. Her name is Nona Colburn. Actually an old Motocross buddy of mine,
who decided to become a doctor. She majored in Internal Medicine and Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery, UAB. She
quickly made her presence and expertise known and was able to observe the operation. The surgeon was very good with
Lapriscopy and all agreed it would be a good approach. They checked all my vital organs and thankfully they were not
injured. My main problem was a lot of bleeding (like a hematoma) from the abdominal cavity from the belly button down and
the loss of 6 liters of blood

We left the Brive Hospital Saturday, checked into Huntsville Hospital Monday and I got to come home today.

The only thing I need right now are two more pints of blood. My Hemoglobin is at 7.3 and should be at 15. So next week, I
will go back for some more blood.

It was an experience and far from the one I had envisioned for my ISDE effort. I have a lot of philosophical, emotional and
spiritual thoughts about the experience, none I can really put into writing at this time. But the good ole black and white one
liner would be "Well, that's racin" and we all know what that's about.

I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate all the calls, emails, thoughts and prayers. I do have an extended family
in the motorcycle community.

Right now, I plan a lot of R&R some work?. Next a little trial riding and then we think about the rest later.

Again, thanks for your concern and your support for me at the ISDE I hope to see you at the races soon.

Sincerely, Suzy Moody
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Dec 28, 1999
What an incredibly story! I'm glad to hear she's home and doing better!

Best wishes Suzy! Get well soon!


Jan 17, 2001
Suzy, It is a wonder you are still alive. God was definately watching you. I am glad to hear you are getting better.


Dec 17, 2000
Hey All,

This is Suzy.

Thanks for all the prayers and concern. I am doing fine. Doing a little walking. My stomach is still swollen and I wish I could find my ab muscles again, but the doc assures me they are there. I need more blood and my friends were lined up to give on Tuesday (yesterday and today) but as we now know about the tragedies in NY and Washington my need for blood is insignificant. I will be alright with extra iron in my diet and more time. But I am deeply saddened about those who lost their lives yesterday and those struggling in the rubble and hospitals. Please take the time nessesary today to pray for our country and all effected by this cruel act of terrorism.



Jan 17, 2001

I have tried giving blood twice and the Red Cross has been overwhelmed with people (a good thing). They told me to come back next week, which I will.


Jan 17, 2001
Too small? I guess you don't weigh 110 lbs? Right?

Bob Brooks

Jan 6, 2001
Suzy, we're very relieved to learn that you're on the road to recovery. It's depressing that your ISDE experienced turned sour, what a harrowing crash and injury you've suffered! Thank God you're improving and okay. We wish you the best.


Jul 4, 2001
I just got back into riding after a ten year hiatus. i never met a woman rider before, actually never gave it a thought. I met LoriKTM at the Spodefest norEast, Part 1, and learned very quickly that the girls are just as tough as the guys! After reading about Suzy, I see where lori gets her tenacity from! Good luck Suzy, and Lori, hope to see you at Spodefest NorEast Part 2! Girl Power!!!
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