Thumper 36

Nov 2, 2000
Did you see Ward trying to restart his bike at the 2nd National? I'm an old thumper rider and unless the new Yz250f is different, you need to be slow and methodical making sure you get TDC before kicking those thumpers. He was kickin' away like he was on a 2 stoke. You would think a guy of that experience would make sure he was familiar with his equipment before trying to race in a National. I guess under race pressure, he reverted to his instincts to kick, kick ,kick as fast as you can......

Any YZ250F guys out there can verify this????


***** freak.
May 5, 2000
I saw it. Still can't stop shaking my head.:silly:

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
I don't think Larry Really rides the 4 stroke all that well. If you listen to him ride he gets way to rev happy.. The bike Is almost always on the rev limiter... I was really shocked to hear it.... Shift!

I guess I'm not surprised to hear he needs to learn how to start the bike as well..
Aug 6, 2000
Almost as good as seeing a YZ250F blow up :p :p :p :p

What do you expect he's probably used to riding 2 strokes and I thought he did pretty good at Round 2, 1st moto

Bob Brooks

Jan 6, 2001
I agree with Jeremy's post. Ward is going fast on the YZF, but he does shriek that thing too much! I don't see any need to rev a motor that high. When I listened to it run on the last coverage, it sounded like he was floating the valves, breaking wine glasses. I can't help but think he would go even faster if he would shift more often.
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