When to get suspension improved?


Jun 3, 2003
I got my first bike 3 months ago.

(The day I got it--'01 YZ250)

I don't know what "great" and "horrible" suspension is since I've only ridden one dirtbike in my life. I think mine is fine AND the man I bought it from said he just had Pro-Action suspension work done on it set up for a 170 lb rider.(I'm 162 lbs.) How long does it take for a suspension system to start to screw up

I'm asking b/c I've been reading around about people getting their forks "re-valved" and what not. I just don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and find out that my suspension was fine in the first place.


Nov 1, 2001
If it feels ok, don't sweat it. If its not too stiff, and your not bottoming all over the place, you're probably ok. For more specific setup stuff, search the suspension forum. You can find a good explaination of sag, clickers, and stuff like that.


Hot Sauce
Oct 28, 2001
Yopur suspension should be good.. Play w/the clickers, fine tune it.. The shop that re-valved mine ( i weigh in at 255) reccomended getting it serviced every 40 hours.. Basically change the fluid.. Revaving & re-springing means they got it set up for their weight, you and the previous owner are about the same size.. Have fun on your bike,

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