Jul 23, 2001
Hi all
Is there any way to do this? The bike is a '01 XR100R, (I know, not a MX bike, but it was a christmas present from my son Grand father)
He suggested moving up a wt in fork oil, but there is only a SHCS in the bottom of the fork, and the big nut at the top, no drain plug/screw. My son was riding at TNT, and if he landed both wheels at the same time, they didnt bottom, if he didnt, the forks bottomed with a *WHAM* He loves the bike, and I wanna beef the suspension up some, is there any chance?

capt hookleg

May 30, 2001
Short of replacing the fork springs with heavier ones, you can do a few thing that can help. Find some pvc pipe the same diameter as the outside diameter of the spring, ( the thick wall pvc), cut a short piece to go above the spring to increase the spring preload. Don't use too long of a piece or the combination of spring and pvc will bottom before the forks do. When you find the correct length, put a steel washer between the fork spring and the pvc spacer. Then put a heavier fork oil in the forks, say about a 15 to 20 wt. Maxima has a cheap line of fork oil designed for the dampener rod fork like yours. Cosult your owner manual or a shop manual for the oil level for the forks and put the maximum amount of oil recommended. The combination of these should help. To drain the oil, you can remove the forks from the bike, remove the spring and invert the forks while pumping them to drain the oil.

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