Jan 30, 2001
I am looking for some mods for my 96 xt350. Since I dont have a truck I need to keep it street leagal. The only thing I can find is mufflers, Cobra ISDE or a Supertrapp IDS 2. Will either one of these increase performance?
I have already put on the most aggresive DOT approved rear tire, replaced the front fork oil with 15wt, adjusted rear shock spring.
Also I was wondering if a shock from a TT350 will work, since they have more wheel travel?

XT350, Pavement can be an ugly thing!! But I need it to get to where I ride.
2001 TT-R125


Aug 13, 2000
Do a search on the forums as this subject came up a few weeks ago.


94 Husky 360 2 stroke, Street legal,(gotta clear my throat now)! Ported engine, FMF pipe, kehin PWK carb, full knobbies, Pro Action Showa suspension, Pro tapers. 50HP


Apr 8, 2001
I put cobra pipes on both my 1989 XT350 and My 1993 XR250L and they gave me great HP gains... If you put one of these on and get a good after market Air Fliter you will see a big gain in power... Also you will have to rejet you bike it will run way to lean with these mods!

Good luck, and nothing wrong with dual sports!

2001 KTM 200EXC,
XR250L and XT350

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