Jun 27, 2000
I was reading about the way you have been traing. With all the Micky D in your diet. One half gallon ice cream before bed time. Oh and the cookies can't forget them. Sounds like the way I get ready to go race.
So i was thinking they need a class for people that are over 250lbs, have two or more kids, work atleast 60 hours a week. Most important thing of all is they can't run, lift weights,ride bikes,ect...
This would be my class for sure .

AJ Waggoner

Crash Test Dummy
Nov 5, 1999
Dead Engine,

Wardy did indeed ofer a 220?pound class and over at an event a couple of years ago.
complete with a scale to make sure you were
Few takers, seems a lot of guys dint want to get on the scale and show thier real weight..
It looked like it would have been a fun class though.

hey you know where "Flat Rock" is???
better known as "Level Pebble"?

I'm from there ( if thats possible)
Jun 27, 2000
Hey A.J.
Ya i knew you were from Flat Rock.
I talked to you on the phone before.
A couple of weeks ago at a H.S. we were talking about the perfect class for some of us. I thought you would like that.


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
three years ago I had a 220 class yep you guessed it right aj, it was for riders over 220 pounds. course i never in a million years thought that mx riders would be so vain and not admit that they were wieght impaired !!!!

that was funny


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