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I don't normally do this but..

Long story short, I have a dog... no a best friend..

His name is Method

He was diagnosed with Cancer, he's 9 year old boxer, it's in his head, tumor pushing his eye out and blocked his nasal breathing.

He is the coolest dog in the world and I'm asking everyone to pray for / think quick painless, or remarkable recovery.

I adopted Method when his owner (good friend of mine) decided drugs were better than unconditional love. Method has been mine for 4 years now.

The quick painless prayer worked for Anthony a few months ago, I'm hoping for Method too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :(

Thanks...sorry for the bummer.


Sorry to here bro, it's never easy dealing with sick pet or losing one unexpectedly like my fiest fancy. Had her for 13 years and one night while out using the bathroom she done something she had never done, she got in the road and got ran over, it devastated me my wife and two kids. Best wishes for your best friend.


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Sorry to hear about your pup Dave. It's a hard when any family member, human or animal, is seriously ill. I'll say a prayer for you and Method.

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My heart goes out to you Dave. Godspeed to Method...and your friend too.

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Sorry man.........we're a boxer family too. They're "100%, all about you" dogs. Bosco (our first Boxer) has been gone a few years now, his picture hangs in my office.


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Dave I am so very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and Method at this sad, horrible time. :(
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Dave I am also sending a prayer your way. Right now I have a 12 year old yellow lab that is failing healthwise and altho he is slowing down he is still a great dog to be greeted by everyday. there are no words to say that relieves all the pain of a pet in failing health or death. In the end remember he gave you everything he could and when the time comes as hard as it is for you make the choice as to what he needs and deserves.


Man i remember when i had to go through this stage back when i was just a little kid. Ill be sending you my prayers and wishes for shure.
God bless you and your dog.
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You got it.

Our dog Pongo is 11 years and diabetic, then he had some of the I**s dog food a while back. His liver shut down and we were told he was going to die. He threw up everything he ate and lost control of his badder for awhile. It was a very hard time, especially for the kids. We discovered that he kept people food down better and he seemed to like it ( he was a skeleton by then) so we fed him what we ate. Well his liver started back up, he is gaining weight now and is a couple months older then we thought he'd get. His color is back and his liver is fine, now we have to get him back on dog food!

So you got my prayer.
Hoping for the best.
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A prayer for Peace and Comfort to you, Dave... and anyone else in this group who is hurting right now. There is a lot of sadness being relayed here over the last year and few weeks.

Abundant blessings to you all and may you find something to make your heart glad. :nod: