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Oct 26, 1999
Well, I did the best mod I could have done (for the moment). New kickstart :) As soon as my boots got wet, I had trouble starting her - due to my foot slipping. My KDX had the usual problem of the kickstart being sloppy & sloping backwards, not giving me a full kick each time and running into the pegs.

We've got an engineer friend who keeps telling me to hand it over to him & he'll fix it for me, however I don't like using people especially friends, and I know he's on limited time (due to getting married later this year, fiance not riding, boss making him work ot & such like). So now he can fix the old kickstart when he's got time, I'm happy with the increased ability to fire the girl up. I thought about the KX125 route, but reading here thought it would make it too hard to start being my height, so went the hockey-stick route, and was impressed with the difference.

Well worth the money spent, heck, even starting her cold in a not brilliant position for me, it was easy.
So those of you with sloppy kickstarts, bite the bullet, go for it, it's worth it.


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Mar 27, 2001
mines pretty sloppy but, im getting the FRP kick starter.
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