Bike for the wife ???

Apr 27, 2000
What's a good bike for my wife. She has never ridden a 2 wheeler but she is ok at riding a mountain bike. This past weekend we went to pismo dunes and rented her a four wheeler and I was amazed at how aggressive she was riding (even hitting little jumps). She said she would rather have a two wheeler. She is only 5'1" . I was thinking a used XR 100 or a XR 200 and lowering the suspension.

The way I see it is that if I get her a bike I will catch less flack for always wanting to go riding.

Aug 24, 1999
look no further than the Yamaha TTR125L.
it is an AWESOME bike for the wife.
nice four stroke mellow power,
good suspension.
a front disc brake.
the shock actually has a preload collar that you can adjust.
large wheels with easy to find tire sizes.

a much MUCH better bike than the xr100.
my wife is 5'2" and rides it just fine.

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Dec 1, 1999
I'd second the vote for the TTR125. It's better than the 10 year old design of the XR100. I had an XR100 that my boy and Wife learned on but if the TTR would have been around I'd have bought that!

OBTW- check "airastro's" YZ426 ad in the for sale forum. He's got a TTR-125 for sale as well.

Jul 22, 2000
i got my wife an xr200 which i made street legal. we've done a few dual sport tours together and she loved it. the xr is easy to kick, lightweight, easy to ride and bullet proof. i don't think that the new tech vs old tech between a ttr and an xr is a major issue at beginner riding level. but i'm sure the ttr is cool also.

be careful introducing your wife to the dirt though cos she's gonna get hooked and you're not gonna be able to roost with your buddies all the time.
Apr 27, 2000
Hey sideways, How tall is your wife? I am concerned about the height of the bike. I want her to be able to easily touch the ground with both feet. What years are good for the 200?

Jan 19, 2000
426, Check out a Gas Gas Pampera 250. The size and power are comparable to the other bikes, but the weight is way better.

I went through this last year. Good advice?... give her all the information and help _her_ choose a bike, don't just pick one out for her.

here's a table I made up last year to compare some bikes.

model seat ht. wt. $$

xr100- 30.3 150 2199

xr200 33.5 223 3299

xr250 36 240 4699

GGpmpa 32 205 4849

dr200 32 249 3849

kdx200 36 223 ?
If money were no object the KDX + lowered suspension would have been best. The Pampera has turned out to be a great choice though.

Don't be mislead by the size of it's engine. It is a 250cc trials bike engine with a regular expansion chamber. Very mellow power, but can rev enough to run at 60mph with stock gearing. Hydraulic clutch and disk brakes front and rear are other good points.

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Aug 22, 2000
Since she's "vertically challenged" like I am, I'll tell you what I did.

I started out on an XR250. It was tall, but had good suspension, and was pretty easy to start, so I thought I'd be okay. Wrong-o! I rode it around gently (crashing frequently) for a year or so and sold it and got into quad riding (which I still love).

A few years later, I wanted to get back into 2 wheelers, but this time I bought a cheap-o used XR 100. I only rode it for about four months, but I really got aggressive on it because I had no fear of falling over! Heck, I could just stand up and it would drive out from under me if I got into trouble.

From there I stepped up to an XR 200. I rode it for about 2 years -- LOTS -- went through about 3 back tires every season. I did everything possible to it, Dual Sport kit, bored and stroked, ported, Works shock, etc. Loved the bike, hated how it handled at speed.

Finally stepped up to a new XR 250 this year. I do fall over more often (even after lowering it), but I go faster in the rough stuff (still miss the torque of that stroker XR200 though!).

Anyway, my point is, if she is comfortable on an XR 100, buy a used one and let her thrash it for a few months. Then when she's ready to step up, look at the TTR 125 or even something like the newer XR 200 (94 and later have a smaller chassis), CR100, or KX 80 big wheel.

At 5'1", she really will have trouble on even an XR 200. Of course, once she becomes an aggressive rider, height is less of an issue.

Jul 16, 2000
I really messed up trying to teach my wife how to ride. I borrowed my moms' XR100 and she did really well the first few outings. She picked up shifting and turning pretty well. She is only 5-2 and the bike fit her perfect. Then one day we were riding around. I was on my DRZ400 and she on the XR100 and she got bored with riding around the same old terrain. I suggest maybe she should practice climbing a small hill (about 3' high) which was a little bit steep. She went over it about 5 or 6 times without problem until.... She went up the last time and gave it too much throttle. The bike wheelied out from under her at the top of the hill and she fell down the other side on her hands and knees pretty hard. You would have thought that she had never felt pain before. I am used to falling like that and I just get up and shake it off but not her. That pretty much did it for her. Now she is afraid to ride and if she can never get over that she will never learn. I wanted her to be able to experience the joy that I get from riding but I guess it will never be. I have great respect for women riders. My mom is a good rider and I always took it for granted but I believe you are a rare breed.


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
When your wife fell, did she have gloves and kneepads on? This could make the difference whether she gets back on a bike. Was she seriously hurt, other that scrapes and bruises? Unfortunately, falling and crashing come with the territory, and it may be difficult for her to overcome her fear.

To 426 Pilot:
I wish the TTR125L was around when I started--would have snapped one up. Either way, find a model that she is comfortable on, height, levers, weight, etc. She will gain confidence faster if she feels like she is controlling the bike, and not vice-versa!

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Falling doesn't hurt--it's the sudden stop at the end!

Jun 17, 2000
My wife bought a TTR225. It is her first year riding and we went to Colorado and had a great time.

She had a 2000 CR 125 before the TTR and likes the TTR much better.

The electric start is just what she needed.

She went up some pretty knarly hills in Colorado and yes she fell a few times.

I don't think she would have had as much fun on a TTR 125.



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Jun 9, 2000
Dittos on the TTR-225. It is a great bike. Lots of mellow power, electric start, relatively low saddle height, disk brake, more ground clearance, suspension, power, and brakes than an XR200. It has plenty of tourqe for climbing hills so hopefuly she won't out-ride the bike for some time. My wife and I share a 225 now.

Jul 16, 2000
KTM Lorie, my wife was wearing gloves I think but no pads. She wasn't seriously hurt either. The fall wasn't really that big of a deal she just isn't used to it. I agree though if she had pads on it might not have banged her up as much.
I see you ride a KTM 200exc. That is a cool bike I considered that bike before I bought my DRZ400 but I also have a KTM 360SX so I just decided to buy the fourstroke and have the best of both worlds.

Nov 25, 1999
I have been looking for a "Bike for The Wife" for quite some time.
I will consider almost any late model bike, 2 stroke or 4 stroke. She doesn't look too bad, and is an excellent cook. Please forward picture of bike first.