Feb 11, 2000
its a bit late but anyway, i raced my first harescamble in july and placed 5th in the 90-200 class on a 91 kdx 200. my first mistake was getting in the front row with the 250's which turned out to be good in a self satisfying way because i got a good start. i rode as hard as i could for the first 4 laps and was already starting to feel tired. by the sixth lap i was totally exhausted and halucinating that the next lap was the last one. im pretty sure it was the 8th lap i got took out by another rider,i didnt wreck but it stopped me. this almost did me in but i managed to go on to the tenth lap and finish fifth. even though it beat me half to death it was one of the best times ive had riding. im working on getting in better shape and i know that will help. im hoping to do another one in november but if not ill be ready for next year:D


Dec 21, 2000
ten lap scamble?? man, how long are your course's??? we have 3 or 4 laps normally. also if u get dizzy, u need to quit. there's no sense in geting hurt. also it means your don't have enough foodin you. one time i didn't eat before a race and fell off the bike cuase i was dizzy. lucky for me i fell in sugar sand and i got back on the bike


Jul 28, 1999
Nothing gets you in better shape for racing than to go out and race, and race often!! That and some regular mountain biking during the week, improving your eating habits, working with some weights, pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do, and generally torturing your body. But hey, that's just me.

Have fun, and keep on racing!!

70 marlin

Mi. Trail Riders
Aug 15, 2000
congrats !!!!!!!!!!!! you da man !

ya, sounds like real fun © somthing Id like to do just need to fine a small race© I'd like not to have to race with a huge crowd? if that possible?
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