Feb 16, 2001
I saw in the new dirtrider there was a write up on a motoworld yzf.
It talked about cutting and rewelding the stock pegs into a lower more rearward position.
The pictures don't really show what they did.
I am 6'8" and would love more room. If anyone has the data on creating this footpeg mod I would be appreciative.


Jun 17, 2000
I lowered the peg mounts on my KX. I think you are talking about cutting the mounting boss off the peg and then re-welding it in another position which is another way of doing the same thing. I made my own mounts but Terrycable sells them for the KX and they could be used on any bike I guess if you don`t mind using KX pegs.

I am 6' 3" and this plus a CEET tall seat foam does make a differance. I also cut my own bar mounts that move the bars forward and up more to make the riding position roomier. Thumper racing sells a bolt on riser that would do the same as what I did by making custom mounts.
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