Apr 2, 2003
I was thinking about putting a 13 front 48 rear setup on my stock KX 250, I ride mainly motocross. Is this too much gearing for my bike? Any other recommendations? Right now I am running 14 front, 49 rear, and I am looking form a little more acceleration.


Mr. Clean

Nov 8, 2001
One tooth on the front is equal to about 3.5 on the rear. If you are looking for a little more acceleration, then one or two on the rear will probably be what you are looking for, however front sprocket are cheap and buying one will allow you to experience the difference instead of imagining it. I own a 13,14and 15 front for my 250 and a 48 and 49 rear. With these I can run just about any ratio I want. For example I run a 13/49 for woods 14/ 48 for fast creek riding and I will run 15/48 on the Terlinqua desert ride this fall for economy and high speed. Spend some money if you can and experiment.

Mr. Clean

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