Mi. Trail Riders
Oct 28, 2001
Do You...
- Have a passion for enduros?

- Have a desire to give something back to the sport that fuels that passion?

- Have an interest in improving our series and enduros in general?

- Have skills and experience that would help us create some positive growth in our division, the district, and our sport?

Well if so, the District 14 Enduro Division is interested in speaking with you about a few key positions we're actively looking to fill:

Director of Marketing & Sponsorship
Network and collaborate with powersport and other interested companies to implement creative programs that promote the sport of enduros within D14. This includes securing sponsorship programs and commitments in the form of product, services, and funds in return for advertising promotions.

Desired Skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Adept at relationship-building, planning and execution, organization, and follow-up.

Bonus Skills
Basic Microsoft Office application experience / skills (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc).

Rider Representative
Serve as an active “voice of the rider” in providing and funneling ideas, solutions, feedback, consensus, and opinions to the D14 clubs and leadership team. In addition to the Enduro Chairman and each enduro club, the D14 Enduro Rider Rep will also have a vote on all divisional rule proposals. The Rider Rep will serve this position in the best overall interests of the riders, the division, the district, and the sport.

Desired Profile
In order to remain unbiased and represent the rider population at large, the Rider Rep should not be affiliated with any particular enduro club or promoter. Good verbal and written communication skills are essential, as well as the ability to openly understand / empathize, mediate differences, and concisely consolidate a wide range of ideas and opinions.

Web Master / Administrator
Lead the design, development, and content management of the D14 Enduro web site ( Provide a compelling web site that offers useful and timely information as it relates to D14 enduro news and events.

Desired Skills
Basic web design, development, and testing. Proficient in HTML, some basic graphics development / layout experience. Familiar with FTP utilities, PDF creation.

Bonus Skills

Dynamic and modular web development experience, web forms, minor database back-end development (MySQL, Access), PayPal Cart integration, banner ads, vDeck site manager, Gallery, basic domain management.

If you have an interest in any of these positions, please contact either Thomas, Brian, or myself (contact info here:, or speak to one of us at the banquet November 10th.
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