Dec 3, 2000
I have noticed that many DRN members are big fans of the S-12 and M-12 rear tires. I have not heard anyone say anything about the H-12. I noticed in Dirt Rider's review of Hard terrain tires that the H-12 hooked up extremely well on blue groove and rocks - notably better than any of the other tires. It was also reported to be durable. What are DRN members experiences with the H-12 rear?

Eric K
'01 GasGas 300XC


Mod Ban
Dec 10, 2000
I only run into hard pack for short stretches in my riding, most of the terrain is soft-to-intermediate, with lots of loose rocks. A hard terrain tire would be like skates most of the time for me. And the soft compounds used in hard-terrain tires wears way too fast for my budget.


Jan 6, 2001
Hard Pack??? Is that also known as blacktop???:confused:

I've always run soft-inter tires. If I'm on hard trail, I just take it a little easy if it gets squirmy. I would rather have the open tire in hardpack, than have a hardpack tire when trying to cross a muddy creek...


Mar 7, 2001
Sorry, I live in Florida. It is all sand. We have to import clay to make medium soil tracks.:silly:


Aug 5, 2001
Me three,
I use the M-12's on my XR400. I live in NW Florida, so lots of sand, but there are some areas I ride that could be considered hard pack, including some small stretches of pavement. So far the M-12 has worn very well, and it hooks up like mad in the sand and medium stuff, and still feels good on pavement at 60+mph with ~10-12 psi per tire. Unless your riding areas are ONLY rocks and really hard dirt, I would consider the M-12's for the best of both worlds. Good luck.


Jul 11, 2001
I like the S-12, even in the rocks. I took a three-month old S-12 to Colorodo on my 300 E/XC, and it hooked up as well and lasted longer than a brand-new Dunlop 739 on my son's 200 E. And now that we have returned to the mud and sand of Texas, the S-12 still hooks up like crazy, while the 739 slithers and writhes around like a water wiggle. I have a M-12 that I'm going to try on the 200; I hope it works almost as well in the mud as the S does. I'll report later.

Scott in KC

Aug 28, 2000
Gotta second JMD's post. I bought my S12's to cross the mud pits & creeks of our local KS & MO trails. I thought for sure one trip to Colorado would see the last of them. Well, 5 months later, I'm still riding them...on everything. Street, rocks, mud, dunes, whatever they wear like iron. Now I did just get back from riding at Chadwick, MO a few weeks ago and did gnarl them up pretty good after 2 days of riding razor sharp rocks, but they STILL have plenty of life left in them and are nowhere near needing replacement. Wild. Love to hear about the M12...perhaps even better?
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