Feb 24, 2001
has anyone had any bad problems with husky's? thinking of getting a new husky or ktm this spring but haven't heard much about reliability with husky. how are parts?(are they worse than ktm parts?) oh i visited husky site and was confirmed that the info for husky 250 4-stroke should be out next month, but like i said, how are there other bikes?


Dec 6, 1999
I raced on a 00' Husky for all of 2000 and it never had a DNF in 20+ races.
Very good quality reliable bike and tough engine and tranny. It was about ready for it's first ring job when I traded it in.
The suspension on the 00' model was a little harsh for me in rocks and roots but worked great in sand and whoops. Needed re-valving. The newer bikes may have better valving. I was on a KTM before that and thought KTM parts were harder to get and more expensive.


Mar 7, 2001
I have a 99 Husky 125 motocrosser, only had it a few months but it seems very well built. Probably as good as my 89 KTM EX/C was. Of course as far as preformance ten years and enduro vs MXer makes them like night and day. I have found that parts are a little harder to get and many times you have to go to a Husky shop for things you normally can get from discount suppliers for KTMs and the Japan4. Pro Circuit makes pipes and silencers for Huskys but you have to go through a dealer as PC won't sell them directly. (I have a pro circuit pipe and 304 silencer)
There isn't a Husky dealer where I live so I order all my parts from the local GasGas dealer. Anything he can't get I order from


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
I had a 1998 Husqvarna WR360 for a couple of years. It came jetted for another planet so it was hard to start and other jetting related problems. Once I got that sorted out it was an awesome bike. I raced several Hare Scrambles type events and it never had any kind of mechanical problems. I had to get stiffer springs front and rear for the type of riding I was doing at that time. Stock it was setup really nice for general natuarl terrain type riding. Trails, woods, fire roads, enduro's, and hare scrambles on natural terrain. For MX it was too soft.

Sold motor/trans. Never a problem. Part were easy to come by and somewhere during the year 2000 became cheap. I thing they dropped the parts prices in half that year. I used Hall's Husqvarna in Springfield Illinois and Bill's Cycle Plus in Salem Oregon. Both would overnite parts and usually had parts in stock.

I could recommend one.:D


Feb 20, 2001
Dan I have'nt had any problems with mine. Some aftermarket parts are a little hard to get. I bought mine at Hinds in Col but get my parts a Summit Cycles in Summit Mo.


Jun 29, 1999
I've had my wr250 for about a year (~4000 hard trail miles) now. I'm pretty happy with it, though a few minor things have broken:

Steering stop - it's only a tack weld.

Voltage regulator - apparently when the steering stop snaps, the voltage reg is often crushed by the left fork leg. There was no sign of damage, but it broke anyway.

Seal in the rear brake cylinder. Had to get a whole kit :silly:.

Radiator hose clamps. These seem to be single use only. I have had a hose pop off the water pump in the middle of nowhere, and so has another local, also on a wr250.

Nothing that would keep me from recommending a husky :).

Max Factor

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Oct 18, 2000
My brother and I have had '94, '96 and '98 Husky TC 610's and all of them were superbly reliable and extremely fast.
I can't comment on parts availibility over here.
The only thing that 'broke' on one of mine was a cracked tripple clamp at the fork clamp bolts (I suspect I overtightened :silly: ) And the headers on the pre 2000 models had a tendancy to crack at the right angled joint just outside of the cylinder.


Apr 3, 2000
A 98'HuskyWR250 here - my third. No problems. Parts are affordable and easily accessible. 99' changed engine completely - 2001, totally changed everything - keeps getting better. Depending our your type of riding, I would consider the Husky a top choice, along with KTM and GASGAS.

98'HuskyWR250/87'HuskyXC430/74'HuskyCR250/69'Sachs125/98'KX60/98'PW50/Trek8000/Trek8700/K2Blades/Ferrari Sport Ute/95'Z28conv/2RodesianRidgebacks.


Jun 23, 2000
My friend has a 2000 husky 125 and he hasnt had the best of luck with it. He is on his 3rd clutch and 2nd basket, he may be hard on it but my other friend is just as hard on his honda(both 125B and 125jr riders) and he has only put one in. He has also had a hole in his gas tank where the bolts go through underneath. He lost a lot of bolts right away, ones that he didnt even touch. It runs strong though and is still a pretty nice bike but i dont know if he would want to get another one.


Feb 24, 2001
hey dennis, as soon as the ktm is finished jeff and i are goinig to get ahold of you and we'll all go to wayne and you can let me take a spin on yours? Hopefully, the ktm will be together sometime around the end of june:think . if not, i'll just steal the dr(i just sold it to my brother) and we will go.

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