Jun 23, 2002
I'm 14(almost 15) and I just entered a weightlifting class in school. My intentions in joining the class were to lose weight(and a lot of it) and get in better shape for racing, I don't really want to bulk up. I told my coach this and he said do lower weight more reps. So far I have lost no weight( actually gained weight but I was told that this was from muscle), lost no size just turned a lot of fat to muscle. My coach also told me I should walk an hour/hour and a half every night and I have been doing this. Any advice you guys have for me so that I can get into the optimal dirtbike-racing shape would be appreciated.


May 20, 2001
You won't lose weight by weight-training. Like the coach told you, aerobic activity (something that keeps you in constant motion for at least 30 minutes to get any results) is best for losing weight, but there's no way around the fact that you will have to eat less than you consume to lose weight.


Aug 13, 1999
Are you really trying to lose weight or just lose fat or turn it to muscle so to speak? Muscle is denser than fat so it weighs more but takes up less space (putting it very simply) and it works better for athletic purposes.

As far as bulking up, except for very few genetically blessed individuals, this isn't really an issue for most of us - it takes a TON of work & dedication to actually BULK UP.

Sounds like your coach has set out a reasonable plan if you have an hour to hour & a half you can spend walking & not get bored. Any aerobic type excersize will help you burn the fat so find something that you like to do - walking, running, biking, swimming................................ BUT like Anssi said, you gotta burn more calories than you eat. Keep track of what you eat and what activities you do - you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 lb of fat.

Best part of building muscle is that muscle raises how many calories you burn just being alive. Here is an article that explains what you are trying to do, http://www.fatburn.com/article_show.asp?article_id=20

There are some good articles on that site and if you feel like joining it you can track just how many calories you take in & how many you burn. It makes you think about what you are eating.


Jan 30, 2002
If your goal is to lose weight, weight training should absolutely be part of your program. What type of weight lifting program do you currently follow? My guess is that you are doing a "flushing program", doing one or two muscle groups per workout. At your age, and with your goals, doing some kind of "circuit" training would be ideal. When you circuit train, you incorporate most if not all muscle groups. And more importantly, for your goal of weight loss, it will end up being an aerobic session.


Aug 30, 2002
bbbom knows her sh!t, also don't worry about "bulking up" or increaing alittle weight, at your age you are still growing and that will happen. Also, since you are just starting a weight program it sounds, I would recommend sticking to the basics, bench, squat, deadlifts, and powercleans, and then include one or two secondary movements ie flyes, leg curls/extensions, arm curls, trycep extension, dips, pull ups/lat pulls ect.. Getting stronger and in all around better shape will help your riding and in life in general. Good luck and have fun with it.
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