Jul 9, 2001
I have just recieved the KDX 200 manual and KDX 250 supplement manual that I ordered to help me fix my multiple transmission oil leaks. I have noticed that on KDX 200 models the (clutch cable)shift shaft and its oil seals (which need replacing on my bike) are situated in the clutch cover on the right hand side of the bike. On the KDX 250 however, they are contained in the crankcase on the left hand side of the bike. There is no mention in the supplement manual of how to remove these. Surely I don't have to split the cases to replace these seals. How do I gain access to them?

Has anyone out there done this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Dec 10, 2000
The KDX 200 manual is not what you need. The KDX 200 is based on an older KX125 engine ( don't know what year models), the KDX 250 D is based on a '89-'91 KX 250 engine. You need the KX 250 manual with the KDX 250 supplement.

If you are talking about the shaft that the clutch arm is on where the clutch cable attaches, just take the arm off, and screw a long, thin screw into two opposite sides of the seal, then pull it straight out. Clean the shaft very thoroughly, because a ridge of dirt will build up right against the seal, preventing it from pulling out.
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