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Nov 25, 1999
:think Hi guys. I've had the Mamba since mid-January and have finally put about 6 hours on the bike. Unfortunately, the riding conditions have been muddy and it has taken its toll on the fork seals. I have the new seals and wipers and I am borrowing a seal driver and impact socket to remove the valving. The thing is, I have never done this and I was unable to optain a shop manual (hint hint Okie) from my local dealer. Some help would be appreciated. I would also like to soften the front end a little. My 150 lbs is a little light for the setup from MXTech that was for Okie. :p I feel I can handle the job but some tips would be helpful.

P.S. This bike rocks and the suspension really soaks up the big bumps. I ride mostly woods and rocks.

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