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It's amazing I don't get a fatal error just pushing the "On" button.:silly: Here's the situation:
I recently used the Connection Wizard to configure my PC to call my ISP and go straight to Yahoo! as my home page, as opposed to using the MSN Explorer. As many of you know, the MSN Explorer makes the usable screen area quite a bit smaller than the available screen area what with all their "warm fuzzy" buttons along the top and left side. I don't like it.
The problem is, when I click the blue "E" to launch Internet Explorer, I get the "Page Cannot be Displayed" page. I click "Tools", "Internet Options", "Connection" and find that the radio button for "Never Dial a Connection" is selected. I then select "Always Dial my Default Connection" and click "Apply" then "OK". Then I close out IE and relaunch it and it connects just fine. Periodically it won't screw up when I first launch it but 9 times out of 10 it does. I also made sure that under the "Settings" button on the "Connection" tab, that neither of the "Automatically Detect" buttons were selected.
I did a search on Microsoft online help and it appears that they are acknowledging that this is an issue but have no solution listed. That is, if I read the symptom correctly. Very confusing for me searching for definitive answers in the online help site.

BTW-Running IE 5.5 and Windows ME.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!:)


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Jun 5, 2001
Windows is the problem

I think that the problem is that your running Windows ME. Try going back to 2000 or 98. They may work better. I'm still running 98 on my home PC and it work great, no problems

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I agree with both of you! I think I am going to "upgrade" to IE6.0 and give that a try. The ME is what came with my system, I have 98Plus! at work. That was my first ever experience with a computer (no kidding) so I tend to base everything on that.


Mar 20, 2001
My dad's been having this problem for months, and he is also running 5.5, but he has windows98.

I also have 5.5 and I have no probs with it, but I'm running ME, which by the way DOES suck, It doesn't even have a freaking DOS interface!! I'm thinking about just screwing the whole PC thing and getting a Mac, lol. AT least that way I would gave more graphics editing power :p
Maybe just a certain update or addition may have screwed it up.

Then again, my dad's computer won't go to yahoo, hotmail,, microsoft, and various other websites that seem to be picked at random. IT JUST WON'T GO THERE, it doesn't even try to connect. It's weird.....

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Jan 18, 2001
Just as long as we can send dancing, fuzzy bunny chain e-mails....;)

BTW, Lou I am going to try to get back on the bike Thurs out @ Brad's-see you there!


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Aug 31, 2000
Originally posted by KTMKyd
It doesn't even have a freaking DOS interface
Not true.

I agree, however, that ME might have a couple of querks that need to be worked out :silly: .


Sep 9, 2001
Here's my quick fix - Get a cable modem or a DSL connection. You never have to dial in again - you are always connected to the internet just as soon as your computer is turned on.

Now here's the obvious problem with that - if your like me you probably live in BFE and neither service is available to you. If that is the case then give up. Dialup networking sucks - even when you do connect. :D

Good luck

btw KTM if you don't see an icon for MS-DOS - go to Start, Run and type command.. hit enter and there ya go.


Jeffk-I can get cable, but that's about $40 for basic and another $40 for the internet. I'm too cheap. DSL is still about 15 month out for me. I'm close but not quite close enough to the relay to qualify.

So, what have we learned?
1. Bill Gates = Satan
2. I'm a cheapskate
3. Dial-up blows
4. For now, this is as good as it gets.

It's not bad, I was just wanting to work the bugs out. When I was dialing up using the MSN Explorer, I never had a connection problem, other than having to use the MSN Ex. part.


May 17, 2000
Sorry BigLou I dont have an answer for you and neither does Microsoft but I learned to start my connection first then start IE. Just find your connection under Control Panel/Dial up Networking and make a shortcut onto your desktop. When you want to connect just doubleclik the Icon, wait for the connection to establish, then start IE.

Not the perfect solution but it works everytime.

You could also try a Dialer program like Dunce -----click here----
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