Dec 8, 1999
I want to race Hare Scrambles and Enduros in the Washington State area, and the AMA website is not helping me out much.  I am an AMA member, does this suffice or do I need to buy a racing license?  The rules are unclear (to me) as to how to pick a number, and what class rules exist.  The local page for my district does not help me much.  I would imagine there is not a tech inspection on dirtbikes?  This seems to be somewhat more laid back than roadracing.  I don't want to look like a total fool out there the first time... I would like to fit in at least a little.  I think I understand the format, and can probably get around to riding the race, but I don't understand the details like numbers and registration...  any help for a TOTAL racing newbie would be great.  Who in my district could I get ahold of...


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Nov 12, 1999
I would call a local district official and ask what they do with number asignments and how that all is done. IF you have a FULL AMA card then yes that will be fine to race with, however that district mite require a card also which you should be able to purchase at the track. Hopefully someone from your area sees this and can anser more specifically.



Dec 4, 1999
  Most off road racing questions should be directed to the local club that is hosting the event. The AMA is basicly a sanctioning body that is made up of vollunteers out here that put the time in that makes things happen.
  Tech insp for off road usually entails having a FS Legal spark arrestor and proper number/color combination displayed on bike.
  Unless you are a Pro-A- Rider you will be issued a number at the event upon sign up. There is no universal way of doing things.
  Check out some of the web pages for off road clubs and they will have plenty of info for you, and ask questions at local shops.
  Folks are more than happy to see new faces off road, just show up with out an attitude and folks will be more than willing to help.  http://www.moto-directory.com/clubs/off-road.htm
This site has some NW clubs aand they will have more links.
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