Jan 13, 2001
Do any of you workout types know some good stretches to perform before riding? I was praticing some small jumps on my DRZ400 the other day and hurt a muscle way up high on my leg around my hip upon an awkward landing. Its sore as hell today.

This is a KICK IN THE BUTT to me to do some stretching and warming up before riding!! :o


May 20, 2001
The newest info is not to do static stretching before exercise. I posted this in some other thread but here's what I do:

Move my arms around their range of motion for a minute (there's a routine I do but I basicly swing them to and fro and side to side). Then I close and open my fists repeatedly and fast and move my wrists around. Then I do some squat-up-squat and even a little jumping.

Then I fire up the YZ and go around sitting and standing and doing little figure eights and moving around on the bike until I really begin practising.


Oct 17, 2000
I don't think I agree with NOT stretching before exercise or heavy activity. I learned from several books and websites (Lance Armstrongs Trainer) about how important stretching is. You should warm up for 5 minutes first and then stretch. It increases bloodflow and improves mobility and flexibility. At my age I can't afford not to stretch.:)


Feb 20, 2001
I saw a sign in a karate dojo that I agreed with through the years...

"Even if you do nothing else - stretch"

Back in the seventies, Brad Lakey was trained by Rolf Tiblin. In his book he emphasized stretching. As a kid, I though 'what good does that do?' Brad Lakey changed the shape of American motocross and was the first to really train and it showed. Long, tapering mucles are the athletes muscle and stretching helps give you that.

If you tried doing martial arts without stretching, you would injure yourself in short order - it is the same with riding.

Big Tuna

Nov 29, 2000
Give skipping a shot.
-very little equipment needed(skipping rope)easy to bring with you.
-warms up wrists, ankles, knees, and to a degree the rest of the body.
-gets heart move'n:scream:

Then stretch out shoulders, arms, legs,chest, and back(upper and lower). Try to hold the stretches for at least 30 seconds each. Take 10-15 minutes to warm up before you ride, and save your-self a couple of hours of gripping and complaining later on in the evening, and the next morning.:eek:


Aug 13, 1999
Something you may want to try is to do SOME type of stretching routine everyday, morning, lunchtime, evening - whenever possible. I have always stretched (static or balistic or a combo doesn't seem to matter to me) but I have always been into working out.

3 of the guys I work with have become involved in marathons and triathalons since I've been here. None of them had any real background of fitness or running but they all seemed to get into it after the owner put in a full blown workout facility in the office. (I know, I'm spoiled plus there are fantastic mountain bike trails less than 10 minutes from the office). These guys are insane, they run at least 10 miles a day and do marathons about once a month - usually placing pretty well in their classes. The oldest, around 45 did the Boston Marathon last year - he runs with me on my mountain bike and I have to work to keep up with him, but they all swear by stretching out EVERYDAY.

As much running as they do, (even throught the winter) I would expect them to have more problems than they do but they all stay pretty injury free - must be the stretching.
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