Mar 19, 2007
Anybody ride here? It's coal country with the usual terrain, plus some pretty good woods trails. Some are 2-track ATV size, some tight singletrack. Anyway, a guy in a security guard uniform came while we were unloading the bikes and asked if we had permits. We said we didn't know we needed them, which was true. He said the coal co. would sell us permits for $100/yr. This would allow us to ride on any land of theirs except where people are actively working. He said they have like 35,000 acres (this seems like a big number.) I will probably get the permit, since it's only an hour away and the riding is pretty decent. Hundred bucks seems reasonable. I sent an email to the company and am waiting to hear back. I can post a link on here if anybody's interested after I get more info. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that the coal co. is trying to work with riders on this one. Maybe they're waking up to the potential of letting people ride legitimately on their land. Anybody know more about this?

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