Teacher Uses Students as Political Puppets!


May 16, 2001
holy crap that sucks! i would beat my teacher for being forced to write something that is against what i belive in! sue the school, im sure there is a right that the school has violated, hmmmmm, oh how could i not remember the first right of the bill, FREEDOM OF SPEECH! man im pissed that schools can rape your rights in the @$$!


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Nov 21, 2000
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What the heck is going on in CT??? Arron had some problems with an out of control local DA and now this. This just isn’t right. Before we all go ballistic, where did you get this information? It looks like an extract from a news article but can we get the original source?

This is a great post and I’m not trying to say you are lying but before I go kicks someone’s ass I want to know ALL the facts and where they came from. The internet can be deceiving at times.

Thank you for getting involved


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Mar 16, 2001
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I, like RMguy, want to know the source. This is a serious issue not only for dirtbiking, but for American freedoms period!
Timbo125, I don't think that sueing and kicking arse are the answers either, do you? What I would like to see, if this is a valid situation, is for this to be brought to public light. IF that happens in a big enough way, then there will be some changes made for sure. I feel if this situation is as it has been presented, then we owe it not only to the kids in Ct. to speak out on this, but for all the kids accross the country. Let us know where you got this from, KloudKicker.


Oct 9, 2000
KloudKIcker, wher in guilford do you live??? I know that I have asked you this before, but I forgot. I believe it was somewhere near the highschool. I am about 1.5 miles down the road from Gozzi's Turkey Farm. They are avid riders too and have a sweet track in north guilford and we are building a 40 acre one near it with screened top soil. Where do you ride in CT???

But, to the subject of the post. I would be very interested in fighting this as a fellow high school student that went through some land fighting hardships and one. Since I am near the problem, is there anything else that I can do to help more than a letter?
Mar 13, 2001
Unfortunately this is all a part of the plan. "The vast Left wing conspiriacy" WANTS your children to be ignorant tools of the state. How many conservative teachers have you met recently. Liberals run the teaching colleges and they run the teachers unions. Liberals control your childs education from the day you put them in kindergarten. They want your kids to be ignorant. The ignorant are much easier to lead. The ignorant are by definition dependant on their betters to make the hard descisions.

In the meantime the liberal elite send thier kids to exclusive private schools where educational integrity is still valued while your kids languish in a thinly veiled brainwashing camp learning about how it doesn't matter if you got the right answer as long as you feel good about it. Its all about power in the long run. Unfortunately the Demoronocrats in the Senate have emasculated the closest thing to school reform we've had in 20 years, yes virginia, school vouchers are dead. Instead of school choice they are just going to throw more money into bad schools.
If you aren't POed you aren't paying attention.
I'm trying to work with liberals to reduce my heating costs. Unfortunately they're too heavy to use as attic insulation and they complain a lot when you stuff them in the walls. I think I'll just burn 'em in the stove.


Jan 10, 2001
What a mess.
Looks like it will be up to Meagan to help clarify this a bit when she gets back from Va.
Well, Stefan at the www.nemx.org site has gotten in touch with the school and here is their take on it:

Hello all,

I received a phonecall from Mr Conro (the principal of Coventry High School) earlier today. It appears that this
is a possible misunderstanding. Several things have come to light:

1. Meagan and her dad have not taken this to the principal (or vice-principal) in an effort to resolve this, but
instead went directly to the Board of Education.

2. The assignment is a standard assignment that teaches children to argue a point convincingly. The state
education tests that Meagan has to take at some stage in her school career will do exactly the same. Now,
apparently (according to the principal who has discussed it with Meagan's counsillor at the school and the
head of the English department) her grade was failed NOT due to the contents, but the style. She had to stick
to the rule of 3 (3 verifiable sources have to be mentioned in the piece), which may be something she didn't

3. The piece was an either pro or con piece. This means that Meagan could convincingly argue that
motocross and ATVs are not a source of major pollution, and quote the sources that support that claim.

Mr Conro has assured me that if Meagan and her parents wish to discuss the issue, they are more than
welcome to contact him to ensure that the issue is resolved amicably.

So, in essence, this is a misunderstanding of rather strange proportions. I think if Meagan and her dad speak
to Mr. Conro first and try to resolve the problem before going to the press, so much the better.

The spectre of people using the children in their care to further their own political views is however horrifying. It
should never happen.


I'll make sure that as more information comes to light, I will share it.
For once, I would truely like to have been wrong on this one and have it end up being a misunderstanding.
Stefan could not be more correct when he said that "It should never happen"


Jan 10, 2001
An aggrivating turn of events...
But I'm far more grateful to have been incorrect on this one:

I was appalled to receive a copy of kloudkicker's posting. I had received some calls on the matter last
Thursday & Friday while I was out of town. I attempted to return one, and left a message. I have not
received a return call. I did call Stefan in England (on my home phone).

This afternoon, I e-mailed the accurate facts to kloudkicker. First, the students were NOT given an
assignment to write about "how dirtbikes and ATV's are a major contributor to Connecticut's pollution
problems". The assignment WAS" to write about President Bush's energy plan and what they want him to
do about it, or to write how cars which fail emmissions tests could be improved. Not even close to what
was described as the assignment.

In addition, the girl's father did not meet with the teacher; therefore, she did not state "that it was not her
problem". Likewise, obviously, she did not leave the room. Also, you should note that no one, to my
knowledge, talked to the Board of Education, and the Board of Educaton, since it did not discuss the
matter did not "overrule" the teacher. Also, I have not received any communication from the Board of
Education or my superintendent on this matter.

I cannot state whether the sudent is, or is not "listed as failing" If she is, it certainly would not be because
she "stood up for herself, her rights", etc.

As I indicated to Stefan, the administration of the school (myself or my successor) would certainly be
willing to discuss the matter with the girls' parents at any time. Our students are provided with excellent
writing skills, as our English teachers give them the skills which they need to do well on the state's
standardized tests and the skills which they need to succeed in college. Our students are admitted to
excellent universities. Frequently they are given the assignment of writing a persuasive essay. They are
NEVER told from which opinon they are to write. As I entioned to Stefan, they may be given an assignment
to write such an essay about the manatee being endangered. They may chose to take the opinion that it
should be protected. They are also free to take the opposite position. Either way, the essay must be
properly written and their statement must be documented with a required number of three sources.

As for the member who replied to Stefan by stating that, in effect, I was covering my behind. For what
purpose, since i have nothing to gain or lose from entering into this situation, as I am leaving Coventry H.S.
in two days.

My purpose, is to correct facts which have been seriously misrepresented.

James Conro, Principal
Coventry High School


Jan 10, 2001
From Meagan:

I dont know what the school is doing. After school got out we dropped it, but people kept continuing it, half of which I didn't even know of. What happened was I was assigned the assignment and refused to do it. My father did have an appoinment with the teacher, and guidence, which the priniciple was supposed to be present. He had the meeting with guidence and Mrs. Chambers, but the the Principle was unable to make it. We had talked to the guidence department about it for weeks, they had several meetings with both my parents. Now I'm hearing from people that called the school, that the school is saying they never even talked or met with my parents, or that they ever met with me about this issue, which is untrue.
It is not that I am afraid to pursue this.. but at the time my parents have issues that are being delt with in court, and my father has things going on with a previous buisness he owned and neither one of them think that this problem is serious enough for either one of them to drop what they are doing to fix it. The stress level is already high in our house, I dont want to make it any worse, not now. People got very carried away. I went away for a race and came back and I had ama officials calling my house. When I wasn't able to get on the board to read what was going on, the topic i posted under non-serious rambling for a reason, turned into a huge politcal argument before I could state whats going on. If i wanted to get lawyers and media involved I would have done it immediately. Not waited. People are pissed off, but need to calm down. They dont know everything that went on, and are making assumptions and taking legal action without even confronting me to see where everything stands. My e-mail address is in my profile, and I post it on the board all the time. Hopefully next time any of this happens people will e-mail me instead of waiting for me to post on the message board.

We did two assignments, and yes one was 'Discussing President Bush's energy plan'.. that is not the assignment I refused to do. There was another one which involved on and off-road vehicles and how they were major contributers to CT's pollution problems. That is the assignment that I told her I did not wish to do. I clearly asked her if I could do it and not have it sent, she said no. I asked her if I could write about something else, she said no. I don't know if she "forgot" my conversation with her, or my father But that is what went on.

Unfortunately, this has become an issue which cannot be pressed unless those who are directly involved decide to do so, and they have not.

Unfortunately, the teacher gambled on appathy and won.


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Oct 13, 1999
In school, sometimes you are assigned a topic which you need to write a supportive or non-supportive paper on. You might disagree with what you are supposed to write. The danger is that the instructor (who has their own political beliefs) could send the paper off to whomever could benefit from it's existence. Is this making any sense? If the parent and/or the student has any objections to an assignment like this, they should take it up with the principal/dean immediately. Going straight to the board is a little too zealous and should be used as a last resort only.

In college I had to write a paper supporting the legalization of prostitution. :eek: Hmmm, an 18 y/o college freshman writing a paper to support legal prostitution... no wonder I received an A. :confused:
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