The Gary Semics "Motocross Techniques" Videos


Dec 12, 2000
I wanted to take a class at a motocross school this summer when i came accross these videos. I was wondering, if you bought all of his vidoes and his training manual, it's about the same as if you attended one of his classes. On top of that, you would be able to watch the videos over and over but at the school it would just be that one time. What do you think about this?

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Mar 16, 2000
I'd buy the Semics "How to corner" video and the Bailey "The New Rider Techniques" and "How to jump".

I've been to the Hanson and Semics schools (Semics school was taught by Larry Morton) Both were very good. Donnie will push you a little more and if your more advanced, will help you "polish" certain areas. Larry was very good too and concentrated more on drills.

IMO you'll get your moneys worth from both schools. I'd go back again in an instant.

Now to answer your question, in my opinion, you'll get more out of going to the schools. There is nothing like seeing how it is done and doing it in person.

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Mar 17, 2000
yeah, there's nothing like real world application while you're learning it in a school.

i've got the semics 'cornering' video. gary is an excellent teacher, and i respect the consistency his racers attain, but the quality of this video sucks! it's one plug after another for some other semics video - maybe only 40% technique and skills work. i was seriously disappointed. a few friends borrowed it, i gave them no 'review' or offer of my opinion of the video and they all returned it after one watching commenting on the same flaws and aggravation with the video.

go to the school - you can always tap into your memory, read your notes or buy a video that addresses your weakness.


Mar 8, 2001
I have the jumps an whoops video i use it as a sleeping pill, his voice puts me to sleep in about 5 min. I have had the video for about a year now an still havn't made it all the way to the end.

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Mar 17, 2001
The Semics tapes are really informative but SOOoooo hard to watch. They are badly made and his voice is audible hypnosis.

Got to the school and buy the books.



Jan 6, 2001
I've got the jumping and whoops video also and I just don't feel like it was worth buying. I'm trying to find out if anybody has been to the Justin Blake School. I've got to get some help somewhere because I suck.


Sep 22, 2000
I've also got the jumping & woops video. I'm not at all impressed with the video. I don't think he even went over the "brake tap" or panick rev. I've only watched it once, I'll give it another try. I was going to buy the cornering video if I liked the jumping video. I definately didn't think the video was worth the money.

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Feb 2, 2001
I think the Bailey "New Rider Technique" is probably one of the best instructoral videos to buy. It is a little dated, but it goes over everything in depth and is great at showing the right and wrong ways of doing something.
I also have the Semics whoops/jumps video and was dissappointed by it.
There are other videos that are decent, but the Bailey NRT is in my opinion the best. I can always go back to it and pick up on something I am doing wrong.


Feb 16, 2001
My girl and I sat down and watched all 3 Semics videos last wknd.
She fell asleep half way through the first one.
I kept wondering if Gary had some weird disease that prevented facial expression.
Could are ol' budster Gary summon up some style/enthusiasm?
I wonder if he is burnt out on teaching....


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Jan 4, 2000
I attended a Semics school 2 years ago that was personally given by Gary, It was the best thing I have done to improve my riding. He was a very good instructor and personally worked with every student on techniques. We did do alot of drills which I liked

I haven't seen his videos but he was great in person and man is he fast!


Apr 23, 2000
Gary S and Gary B need help in those areas as much we need help in our riding But don't focus on the deliverly focus on the INFO !tons of it
Jan 16, 2000
Hey OffRoadr, where did you take the Semics course? I'm from Normal and would go if iut's close. I'm guessing Casey?

Also, I'm curious if a trails/Non Mx guy (and that's a BIG assumption, based strictly on your handle, obviously could be WAY off) has ever seen the site I do at

If I'm way wrong, please just mark it up to major stupidity on my part and leave it at that!

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