Jul 28, 2000
I was riding today when a friend of mine told me that my exhaust stinks. I ride a '94 KDX200. I never noticed it before, and still don't for that matter. But, when I got behind my bike, I did notice what I would presume to be an odd smell. I've smelt something like it before when riding behind 125s. I'm running Torco GP7 at 40:1 in my bike. The move from 32:1 to 40:1 was fairly recent. I've brobably only run 5 tanks of 40:1 through my bike, could this be causing the smell? I know this probably isn't why but it's the only change I've made to my bike in a year, well, besides new clutch plates, but I know that's irrelevant.

Some of the ideas that have crossed my mind are that this may be an indication of needing a new top end, or that the change from 32:1 to 40:1 would have required me to re-jet(which I didn't do).
Or, is it that my bike always smelt like this but I never noticed it before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Presumably there is an additive that can be bought in economic quantities to alleviate this potentially embarrassing problem
I suggest mixing with the fuel about 200:1 IssiMyak or Obsession.

Of course this may depend how you perceive the persona of your bike. Perhaps Amarige or Channel No5 may be more appropriate.

Don’t try Poison, it’ll seize.


die you sycophant !
May 22, 2000
You might be smelling MTBE which is an oxegenate used in pump gas that has a disticntive odor. You might be able to check with the station where you bought the gas and see if MTBE is used in their pump gas. Some areas require stickers on the pump to advise users and some just require a blanket statment. Ther is a lot of info on fuel in the performance forum. You could tell your friends that are complaining just ride faster so they wont have to smell it:D


Jun 29, 2000

Are you sure your not starting to burn a little gear oil from your main seals. My bike started smelling and it got worse until you could see it was burning gear oil.

Check your seals :scream:



Apr 2, 2001
yeah i notied that whene i ran a castor based oil its probabl normall, is it a sweet smell
? i used to run maxima castor-927, it burns clean and it smells good "sweet" whane its burned like race gas

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